U.S. Sails Warship Through Taiwan Strait as China Watches Sternly
WSJ: "The first such transit this year follows nine in 2022, activities that Beijing protests."
Beijing threatens to take measures against nations imposing COVID travel curbs
Axios: "The Chinese government's warning comes ahead of the easing of requirements for those traveling to China."
Chinese jet came within 10 feet of U.S. military aircraft, U.S. says
Reuters: "A Chinese Navy J-11 fighter jet is recorded flying close to a U.S. Air Force RC-135 aircraft in international airspace over the South China Sea, according to the U.S. military, in a still image from video taken December 21, 2022."
U.S. to impose new coronavirus testing requirements for travelers from China
Washington Post: "The requirement for all travelers 2 years old and older to show a negative test result is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 5."
Senate probes major automakers over alleged link to Uyghur forced labor in China
Fox News: "The Chinese government has been accused of crimes against humanity and genocide against the Uyghurs and other minorities in Xinjiang."
COVID origins ‘may have been tied’ to China’s bioweapons program: GOP report
Fox News: "House Republicans state that the virus 'spilled over' to the human population."
Chinese diplomats at centre of Manchester consulate row return home
The Guardian: "Consular staff wanted for questioning by police over beating up of activists recalled to Beijing."
China brings WTO case against U.S. and its sweeping chip export curbs as tech tensions escalate
CNBC News: "China initiated a dispute against the U.S. at the World Trade Organization over Washington’s sweeping semiconductor export curbs."
US Congress Pokes China With Taiwan Defense Support, Chips Ban
Bloomberg: "Defense bill authorizes $10 billion in weapons for Taiwan."
U.S. believes China protests won’t spread — for now
Politico: "Chinese authorities appear determined to prevent growth of large scale protests."
China vows crackdown on ‘hostile forces’ as public tests Xi
AP: "The party had already promised last month to reduce disruptions, but a spike in infections swiftly prompted party cadres under intense pressure to tighten controls in an effort to prevent outbreaks."
Opinion: How China Got Our Kids Hooked on ‘Digital Fentanyl’
Common Sense News: "TikTok is a national security threat."
Virus lockdowns hit China economic powerhouse Guangzhou
AP News: "The country’s borders remain largely closed and internal travel and trade is fraught with ever-changing quarantine regulations."
China taking ‘aggressive’ steps to gut Canada’s democracy, warns Trudeau
The Guardian: "The prime minister’s comments come after a news report that Beijing had funded a ‘clandestine network’ of candidates in 2019."
US Customs finds dangerous invasive species on board ship from China
Fox News: "The species has the potential to inflict widespread damage to agriculture and natural resources."
TikTok tells European users its staff in China get access to their data
The Guardian: "Privacy policy update confirms data of continent’s users available to range of TikTok bases including in Brazil, Israel and US."
GOP Leader Pledges China Investigation If Republicans Win House
Bloomberg: "Select panel would target Chinese threats, Covid-19: McCarthy. Charges of intellectual property theft also would be examined."
Saudis plot energy cooperation with China amid tensions with Biden
Axios: "The Saudi energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz held a video conference call with China’s National Energy Administrator Zhang Jianhua today."
China’s wealthy activate escape plans as Xi Jinping extends rule
Financial Times: "Rich citizens fearing high taxes and personal safety move capital out of country and arrange residences overseas."
Worried China might seize Taiwan sooner, Navy chief pushes readiness
Defense News: "Gilday said the Navy cannot justify spending any dollars that do not threaten China as the pacing threat — and these old ships cannot be turned into a credible threat in the coming years, he said."
China’s Surveillance State Pushes Deeper Into Citizens’ Lives
WSJ: "Xi has taken government tracking to new levels during the pandemic."
Blinken Says China Wants to Seize Taiwan on ‘Much Faster Timeline’
Bloomberg: "Secretary of State says China is changing status quo on Taiwan."
Xi Jinping lays out vision of fortress China against tense rivalry with the U.S.
Politico: "The Chinese leader's speech reflects obsession with external threats and Taiwan 'reunification'."
China accuses US of ‘Cold War mentality’ after release of Biden national security strategy
The Guardian: "Images show banners emblazoned with protest messages hanging from overpass on major road in Beijing."
Inspector general to probe Energy Department’s tech giveaway to China
The Washington Times: "The inspector general’s new probe comes just weeks after Ms. Ernst revealed a still-secret Pentagon report that concluded a major pot of Defense Department research and development money benefitted China more than the U.S."
Editorial: The U.N. Abandons the Uyghurs
WSJ Editorial: "The Human Rights Council votes not to discuss its own commissioner’s findings on Chinese abuses in Xinjiang."
China’s secret police have invaded American shores: human rights advocate
Fox News: "China's reported transnational policing will 'escalate very quickly' unless governments take action."
Meet the California Dem Who Invited the CCP Into His Local Classrooms
The Washington Free Beacon: "A Democrat running for Congress in California worked to bring an educational program sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party into his community's K-12 classrooms."
China has ‘destroyed’ tacit agreement on Taiwan Strait – minister
Reuters: "China has destroyed a tacit agreement on military movements in the Taiwan Strait."
China’s space footprint in South America fuels security concerns
Axios: "China has expanded its use of satellite ground stations in South America, leading multiple governments to express concern about Beijing's intentions, according to a new report."
Opinion: The U.S. and China are headed for a showdown at the U.N.
The Washington Post: "This is a crucial test for both the United Nations’ and the Biden administration’s commitments on human rights."
China’s new J-20 is nothing ‘to lose a lot of sleep over,’ but the US’s stealth advantage isn’t safe, US commanders say
Business Insider: But US Air Force leaders do say the US needs to work to stay head of the progress China is making.
Republicans sound alarm over Chinese government-linked farmland purchase near North Dakota air base
Fox News: The North Dakota acquisition is not the first land grab by CCP-linked firms.
China rights report prompts Western-led call for UN debate
Reuters: The United States, Britain and other countries are calling for a debate at the U.N. Human Rights Council to discuss China's treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslims.
Scientists at America’s top nuclear lab were recruited by China to design missiles and drones, report says
NBC News: “China is playing a game that we are not prepared for, and we need to really begin to mobilize,” said Greg Levesque, the lead author of the report by Strider Technologies.
Chinese government has little incentive to stop the country’s drug cartels from fueling US fentanyl crisis
Fox News: China has been the largest supplier of illegal fentanyl to the US since 2013.
‘We’re on That Bus, Too’: In China, a Deadly Crash Triggers Covid Trauma
NYT: A bus heading to a quarantine facility crashed, killing 27. The Chinese public saw themselves in the victims: a country being held hostage by the government’s harsh policy.
Europe turns on China
Axios: Beijing's push for Europe to adopt "strategic autonomy" from the United States — in the hope the EU would maintain warmer ties with China — now looks like a moot point.
China lodges complaint after Biden says U.S. would defend Taiwan in a Chinese invasion
Reuters: China reserves the right to take all necessary measures in response to activities that split the nation apart.
U.S. considers China sanctions to deter Taiwan action; Taiwan presses EU
CNBC: The United States is considering options for a sanctions package against China to deter it from invading Taiwan.
Russia, China continue energy cooperation despite sanctions
Fox Business: Putin and Xi expected to meet this week at Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit.
China’s Xi Jinping to meet with Vladimir Putin in first trip outside of China in 2 years
Fox News: Putin and Xi have few friends due to aggressing in Ukraine and Taiwan.
Republicans raise the alarm that DHS money being used to buy Chinese solar panels made with forced labor
Fox News: Republicans note it is illegal for the US to purchase or import goods made in China by forced labor.
Pentagon pauses F-35 deliveries after discovering jet component came from China
Fox News: U.S. procurement laws prohibit sourcing supplies for military equipment from foreign adversaries.
Putin attends joint military drills with China, others
ABC News: Russian President Vladimir Putin has attended sweeping war games involving troops from China and other nations in a show of force amid Moscow’s tensions with the West.
China’s median line violations suggest Taiwan ‘decapitation’ rehearsal
Politico: Surging incursions from Chinese jets are rewriting the status quo in the Taiwan Strait — and leaving the U.S. with few good options.
To China’s fury, UN accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses
AP: The U.N. accused China of serious human rights violations that may amount to “crimes against humanity” in a long-delayed report examining a crackdown on Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim ethnic groups.
NSC Coordinator Kirby says China engaged in ‘clear attempt’ to ‘permanently alter’ the ‘status quo’ in Taiwan
Fox News: Chinese drones reportedly encroached on Taiwanese airspace on Wednesday
Taiwan fires warning shots at Chinese drone near offshore island
NBC News: It was the first time warning shots have been fired in such an incident.
India accuses China of ‘militarisation of the Taiwan Strait’ as row over navy vessel grows
The Guardian: Accusation is reportedly the first time the Indian government has used the descriptor and comes as tensions rise over Sri Lanka port visit.
EXCLUSIVE China seeks to stop UN rights chief from releasing Xinjiang report – document
Reuters: China is asking the United Nations human rights chief to bury a highly-anticipated report on human rights violations in Xinjiang, according to a Chinese letter seen by Reuters and confirmed by diplomats from three countries who received it.
Sen. Marsha Blackburn lands in Taiwan for surprise visit after calling China ‘New Axis of Evil’: source
FOX News: Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn is the latest in a series of US lawmakers to visit Taiwan amid tensions with China.
If Biden won’t stop land grabs by China, Congress will
FOX News Op-Ed: In 2020 alone, China increased its ownership of U.S. land by more than 80%—to 352,000 acres, or over 550 square miles.
Chinese military ship docks in Sri Lanka over Indian, U.S. objections
WaPo: A Chinese navy ship at the center of a diplomatic spat docked in a southern port in Sri Lanka on Tuesday, marking a small triumph for Beijing over India and the United States.
Taiwan says China military drills part of plan for impending invasion
FOX NEWS: Taiwan's foreign minister on Tuesday warned China is using its aggressive military drills around the island as part of a broader plan for what it fears is an impending invasion.
China Targeted Fed to Build Informant Network, Access Data, a Probe Says
WSJ: Fed employees were offered contracts with Chinese talent recruitment programs, which often include cash payments, and asked to provide information on the U.S. economy.
China launches new bid for internet dominance
Politico: "Xi wants an internet that aligns with the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s concept of “cyber sovereignty” that prioritizes absolute government control of online activity — complete with censorship and surveillance — at the expense of privacy and freedom of expression."
Space Command head addresses China, Russia threats; calls for international norms: ‘It’s the wild, Wild West’
Fox News: "Addressing the Aspen Security Forum on Tuesday, Raymond said China was growing its program at a fast pace, explaining "China has gone from zero to 60 very quickly, and they are clearly our pacing challenge because…they're moving at speed they have the economy to support the development."
Ukraine war forcing China to rethink ‘how and when’ it may invade Taiwan, CIA chief says
The Guardian: that become higher, it seems to us, the further into this decade that you get,” Burns said, adding: “I wouldn’t underestimate President Xi’s determination to assert China’s control” over self-ruling Taiwan."
Top US general orders comprehensive review of US-China military interactions
CNN: '"China has been on the rise, economically and militarily, for more than a decade. They've become more bold in the Pacific," Milley said in a written statement to CNN. "Maintaining open lines of communication and managing competition will reduce strategic risk. The US military's focus is on modernization and readiness. Our network of partners and allies is a source of strength."'
China says it will take ‘forceful measures’ if Pelosi visits Taiwan
The Washington Post: "A visit this summer would make Pelosi one of the most senior U.S. politicians to travel to Taiwan in recent years and the first House speaker to go there since Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) in 1997."
Defiant Taiwanese ready if China invades, say there’s only one possible response
Yahoo! News: '"Taiwan is now more recognized by the world. If China invaded Taiwan 20 or 30 years ago, other countries would not bother to get involved, but now the world sees how much Taiwan has grown over the past decade. So if China really wants to invade, Taiwan's weapons are also very advanced and our military will not be weak," a second man said."
China says it ‘drove’ away U.S. destroyer that sailed near disputed isles
Reuters: "The U.S. Navy said the destroyer USS Benfold "asserted navigational rights and freedoms in the South China Sea near the Paracel Islands, consistent with international law."'
Survivor of Mao’s China warns about Big Tech working with government: ‘Americans should take note’
Fox News: '"This large protest was only made possible when people could communicate and mobilize online, and they did not use WeChat, which is the Chinese Facebook, because every activity was under strict surveillance by the government," Xi told "Fox & Friends."'
China crushes mass protest by bank depositors demanding their life savings back
CNN: "On Sunday, more than 1,000 depositors from across China gathered outside the Zhengzhou branch of the country's central bank, the People's Bank of China, to launch their largest protest yet, more than half a dozen protesters told CNN."
FBI and MI5: ‘The Chinese government is set on stealing your technology’
The Verge: ‘“Maintaining a technological edge may do more to increase a company’s value than would partnering with a Chinese company to sell into that huge Chinese market, only to find the Chinese government and your partner stealing and copying your innovation,” Wray said, adding that it represents “an even more serious threat to western businesses than even many businesspeople realized.”’
U.S. Defense Secretary Warns That China’s Military Is Increasingly Aggressive
The Wall Street Journal: '“We do not seek a new Cold War, an Asian NATO, or a split into hostile blocs,” he said. “We will defend our interests without flinching, but we’ll also work toward our vision for this region—one of expanding security, one of increased cooperation, and not one of growing division.”'
Japan Sights China, Russia Warships near Disputed Islands "Japan's Defense Ministry said a Chinese frigate sailed inside the “contiguous zone,” just outside Japanese territorial waters around Senkaku Islands, which Beijing also claims and calls the Diaoyu, for several minutes Monday morning."
Europe sees China through a Russian lens, and Beijing is not happy
CNN: "Differences still exist between countries on how to treat China, observers say. Some NATO members want to ensure the focus remains squarely on Russia, while the United States -- by far the block's most powerful member -- has pegged China as the "most serious long-term challenge to the international order."’
Australians Divided on Military Support If China Invades Taiwan
Bloomberg: "While largely unproven, the new Chinese technologies, detailed in procurement and other documents reviewed by The New York Times, further extend the boundaries of social and political controls and integrate them ever deeper into people’s lives. At their most basic, they justify suffocating surveillance and violate privacy, while in the extreme they risk automating systemic discrimination and political repression."
‘An Invisible Cage’: How China Is Policing the Future
"While largely unproven, the new Chinese technologies, detailed in procurement and other documents reviewed by The New York Times, further extend the boundaries of social and political controls and integrate them ever deeper into people’s lives. At their most basic, they justify suffocating surveillance and violate privacy, while in the extreme they risk automating systemic discrimination and political repression."
Western sanctions are ‘weaponizing’ world economy, China’s Xi Jinping says ahead of BRICS summit
CNN: “Xi, who spoke at a business forum ahead of the virtual summit Thursday with leaders from the BRICS economic bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, portrayed the world as being at a critical juncture as it struggled to recover from the pandemic amid what he termed new "security challenges."’
Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as China’s Top Oil Supplier
Bloomberg: "The volume of gas excludes imports from pipelines, which haven’t been reported by customs since the start of the year, but are the main mode of transporting the fuel from Russia to China."
China launches third, most advanced aircraft carrier named ‘Fujian’
CNN: "China names its aircraft carriers after its coastal provinces, with Liaoning in the northeast and Shandong in the east. Fujian, in the southeast, is the closest province to Taiwan, separated by a strait that is fewer than 80 miles (128 kilometers) wide at its narrowest point."
China will support Russia on security, Xi tells Putin in birthday call
CNN: "China is "willing to continue to play its role" in promoting a "proper solution" to Ukraine, he said."
China and Russia are building bridges. The symbolism is intentional
CNN: "The Chinese freighters carried electronics and tires, the Russian ones soybean oil and sawn timber, according to Moscow. And if any viewers were in doubt about the symbolism -- coming as the war in Ukraine has left Moscow desperate to show it still has friends and trade partners -- a Russian deputy prime minister filled in the blanks."
Taiwan Strait is an international waterway, Taipei says, in rebuff to China
Reuters: '"It is a false claim when certain countries call the Taiwan Strait 'international waters' in order to find a pretext for manipulating issues related to Taiwan and threatening China's sovereignty and security," said Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry."
China blasts US ‘bully’, says it will ‘fight to the end’ for Taiwan
CNN: '"Taiwan is first and foremost China's Taiwan," Wei told the Shangri-La Dialogue, Asia's premier defense conference, adding that China would "not hesitate" to crush any attempt by the self-governed island to "secede."'
U.S., Chinese defence chiefs stand firm over Taiwan in first meeting
Reuters: ‘"The PLA (People's Liberation Army) would have no choice but to fight at any cost and crush any attempt of Taiwan independence, safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity," the spokesman said.”
Chinese Pilots Sent a Message. American Allies Said They Went Too Far.
The New York Times: "To Chinese officials, these were reasonable responses to foreign military patrols that threatened China’s security. To the American allies, the Chinese pilots’ actions in recent weeks were worrying escalations, risking a midair collision or crash."
China offers citizens up to $15,000 reward for national security tip-offs
NBC News: "The cash rewards range from 10,000 yuan ($1,500) to 100,000 yuan ($15,000) for “particularly significant contributions to the prevention, suppression and punishment of acts seriously endangering national security.”'
China secretly building naval facility in Cambodia, Western officials say
The Washington Post: "The establishment of a Chinese naval base in Cambodia — only its second such overseas outpost and its first in the strategically significant Indo-Pacific region — is part of Beijing’s strategy to build a network of military facilities around the world in support of its aspirations to become a true global power, the officials said."
China Warns New Zealand Against Squandering Trade Ties
The Wall Street Journal: "In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Wednesday that the U.S.-New Zealand statement distorted and smeared China’s cooperation with Pacific island nations. He added that Beijing didn’t intend to set up a military base in the region."
Canada says Chinese warplanes are buzzing its North Korea reconnaissance flights
CNN: '"In these interactions, PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force) aircraft did not adhere to international air safety norms. These interactions are unprofessional and/or put the safety of our RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) personnel at risk," said Dan Le Bouthillier, media relations chief of the Canadian Armed Forces."
China has the power to take Taiwan, but it would cost an extremely bloody price
CNN: "Many analysts say an invasion of Taiwan would be more dangerous and complex than the Allied D-Day landings in France in World War II. US government documents put the number of killed, injured and missing from both sides during the almost three-month-long Normandy campaign at almost half a million troops.”
Taiwan scrambles jets after China makes largest incursion into air defence zone since January
The Guardian: "Self-ruled democratic Taiwan lives under the constant threat of invasion by China, which views the island as its territory and has vowed to one day seize it, by force if necessary."
Biden Says We’ve Got Taiwan’s Back. But Do We?
The New York Times: “After a decades-long military modernization, China has the world’s largest navy and the United States could throw far fewer ships into a Taiwan conflict. China’s missile force is also thought to be capable of targeting ships at sea to neutralize the main U.S. tool of power projection, aircraft carriers.”
Rare Ship-to-Ship Transfers Keep Oil Moving From Russia to China
Bloomberg: “Buyers are using creative ways to maintain flows as more shipowners shun Russian oil due to the potential fallout from financial sanctions, according to shipbrokers. Small vessels are being used to shuttle between Russia’s Kozmino port and the waters off Yeosu in South Korea, where cargoes undergo ship-to-ship transfer to supertankers for the next leg of the journey to China."
U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China
The New York Times: "Russia’s war in Ukraine has made American and Taiwanese officials acutely aware that an autocrat can order an invasion of a neighboring territory at any moment. But it has also shown how a small military can hold out against a seemingly powerful foe."
Alleged Chinese abuse of Uyghurs revealed in massive leak – study
The Jerusalem Post: "Coined the "Xinjiang Police Files," the cache was obtained by a third party from internal Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) networks and includes a staggering amount of information: over 2,800 images of detainees, over 300,000 personal records, over 23,000 detainee records and over 10 camp police instructions."
Biden says US would respond ‘militarily’ if China attacked Taiwan, but White House insists there’s no policy change
CNN: "Under the "One China" policy, the US acknowledges China's position that Taiwan is part of China, but has never officially recognized Beijing's claim to the self-governing island of 23 million. The US provides Taiwan defensive weapons, but has remained intentionally ambiguous on whether it would intervene militarily in the event of a Chinese attack."
As China Doubles Down on Lockdowns, Some Chinese Seek an Exit
The New York Times: “Ms. Xie is among a small but growing group of Chinese who are looking to the exits as China’s pandemic controls drag into their third year. Many are middle-class or wealthy Shanghai residents who have been trapped for nearly two months by a citywide lockdown that has battered the economy and limited access to food and medicine.”
North Korea sends cargo planes to China as country fights pandemic
CNN: "Three North Korean cargo planes flew to China and back on Monday, as the country battles an fast-spreading outbreak of Covid-19, according to a South Korean government official with knowledge of the matter."
US Military Chief Says Taiwan Must Strengthen Its Defenses
Bloomberg: ‘“That is a big lesson learned and a wakeup call, particularly with respect to not only having the right kit but are people trained to use it the right way,” Admiral Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, said at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations that focused on knowledge gleaned from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “That shouldn’t be lost on us with respect to Taiwan.”’
Uyghur county in China has highest prison rate in the world
"A list obtained and partially verified by the AP cites the names of more than 10,000 Uyghurs sent to prison in just Konasheher county alone, one of dozens in southern Xinjiang. In recent years, China has waged a brutal crackdown on the Uyghurs, a largely Muslim minority, which it has described as a war on terror."
Major US defense contractors maintain China ties despite increasing tensions
'"Those risks are particularly critical for companies that safeguard U.S. national defense and security," he continued. "U.S. defense contractors need to better understand their risk exposure to China and the Chinese Communist Party, so they can reduce their China risks to better serve the needs of the U.S. military and national security."'
Federal operation nabs nearly 43,000 illegal gun silencers shipped from China 
NBC News: "The operation “is really a gateway into other illicit activity,” said Robert Hammer, the special agent in charge of the Seattle field office for Homeland Security Investigations, a division of ICE."
Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen arrested under China’s security law
BBC News: "Hong Kong Police told the BBC that the group was suspected of appealing to foreign countries or organisations to impose sanctions on Hong Kong, hence threatening China's national security."
China Says Warned U.S. Warship as It Transited Taiwan Strait
US News: "The People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theatre Command said in a statement that its forces had monitored the ship throughout and "warned" it."
‘Stop asking why’: Shanghai intensifies Covid lockdown despite falling cases
CNN: "One viral video shows residents arguing with police officers who showed up at their doors in hazmat suits to take them to quarantine after someone else on their floor tested positive."
‘We Are Now Moving From Zero Covid’: Taiwan Pivots as Beijing Doubles Down
Read more at The New York Times “Political considerations are also at play. Taiwan has used its success with Covid to burnish its image as a beacon of democracy, in contrast to the authoritarian Communist Party of China, which claims the island as its territory.”
China’s economy is going backwards
CNN: "The nation's capital has effectively shut down its largest district, Chaoyang, suspending transportation within it and encouraging 3.5 million residents to work from home as part of its latest effort to curb Covid-19 cases, local authorities announced Wednesday."
Fearful of Getting Cut Off, China Pushes for Self-Reliance
The Wall Street Journal: "China has pumped billions of dollars into semiconductor production, stockpiled grains and oil, and established international links to its financial system."
China’s Ukraine Conundrum
Foreign Affairs: "Refusing to condemn Russia has strained China’s relations with some of its neighbors and distanced Beijing from many developing nations that have lined up against Russia’s war in Ukraine."
China Calls Russia Relationship a ‘New Model’ for the World
'“An important takeaway from the success of China-Russia relations is that the two sides rise above the model of military and political alliance in the Cold War era,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, adding that they “commit themselves to developing a new model of international relations.”'
China, Russia, five others make US property rights blacklist
AP News: "U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said that the report identifies countries “that are falling short” and promised that the Biden administration “will continue to engage with these trading partners to level the playing field for our workers and businesses."'
China’s Covid Lockdown Outrage Tests Limits of Triumphant Propaganda
The New York Times: "Anger and anxiety over the Shanghai lockdown, now in its fourth week, has posed a rare challenge for China’s powerful propaganda apparatus, which is central to the Communist Party’s ability to stifle dissent. As the Omicron variant continues to spread across the country, officials have defended their use of widespread, heavy-handed lockdowns. They have pushed a triumphalist narrative of their Covid response, which says that only the Chinese government had the will to confront, and hold back, the virus."
China is hunting Uyghurs around the world, with help from some surprising countries
NBC News: "According to the report, what scholars call “transnational repression,” ranging from online harassment to detention and extradition, has taken place in 44 countries, and Uyghurs have been threatened and intimidated in United States, Japan and across the European Union. More than 1,500 detentions and forced returns to China have occurred since 1997, more than 1,300 of them since 2014."
‘Voices of April’: China’s internet erupts in protest against censorship of Shanghai lockdown video
CNN:"But for the Chinese government, the six-minute clip -- and the chaos and suffering it exposes -- is too powerful a reminder of the human cost of its zero-Covid policy, which authorities insist are "putting the people and their lives first."'
Why a Chinese Security Deal in the Pacific Could Ripple Through the World
The New York Times: '“It’s a game changer,” said Anne-Marie Brady, a professor at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand, who has investigated Chinese influence in the region."
China War With U.S. on the Horizon, Chief Propagandist Says
Newsweek: "At a Georgia Tech event on Thursday, CIA Director William Burns called China "a silent partner in Putin's aggression." Beijing was now "the most profound test" the agency had ever faced, he said."
China stages military exercises as U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan; Sen. Lindsay Graham says Beijing must “pay a greater price”
CBS News: "The military drills conducted by the People's Liberation Army's Eastern Theater Command in areas opposite Taiwan were "a countermeasure to the recent negative actions of the U.S., including the visit of a delegation of lawmakers to Taiwan," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said."
China’s Echoes of Russia’s Alternate Reality Intensify Around the World
The New York Times: "In a Chinese Communist Party newspaper, an article declared that Russians had offered definitive evidence to prove that the lurid photos of bodies in the streets of Bucha, a suburb of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, were a hoax."
Opinion: Social media shouldn’t let China do Russia’s dirty work
The Washington Post: "Ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China has portrayed itself as a neutral party to the conflict and possibly even an honest broker in resolving it. This performance has always been unconvincing, but now Beijing has shown its hand: President Xi Jinping’s regime has committed itself to sowing disinformation on Moscow’s behalf. A foreign ministry spokesman made that clear from the podium last week when he adopted a baseless Russian talking point about Ukraine developing biological weapons with the U.S. government’s help."
Opinion: Virginia’s universities should not support China’s military
The Washington Post: "Elected leaders can and should take concrete steps to address China’s malign influence throughout Virginia, including divesting state investments in problematic Chinese companies. However, having run on a platform centered on reforming Virginia’s education system, the governor should also prioritize neutralizing China’s overt campaign to steal intellectual property from Virginia’s college campuses."
Shanghai Residents Told to ‘Control Your Thirst for Freedom’ Amid Lockdown
Newsweek: "The drone's female voice also tells listeners, "Control your soul's thirst for freedom. Do not open your windows and sing," according to London's Times."
Chinese TV Pundit Says Bucha Killings Were Staged
Newsweek:"Song Zhongping, an adjunct professor and pundit for Hong Kong's Phoenix TV, has defended the Kremlin in a series of virtual lectures posted to his verified personal account on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok."
China Has Capability to Use Space for Military Purposes, Experts Say
Voice of America: "Space hardware could help China carry out airstrikes with multiple missile types, said Andrew Yang, secretary-general of the Chinese Council of Advanced Policy Studies think tank in Taiwan."
Iran and China seek closer cooperation – analysis
The Jerusalem Post: "What this means is that China wants Iran to focus east and that means potential cooperation when dealing with issues in central Asia and Afghanistan. The irony of China and Iran working on “counter-terrorism” is that the US has accused Iran’s IRGC of being a terrorist group and the US accuses China of genocide in its treatment of Uighurs and other mostly Muslim groups."
China rejects sanctions as Ukraine war tops EU summit agenda
The Portland Press Herald: "At a virtual summit, European Council President Charles Michel, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell were seeking signs from Chinese President and Communist Party leader Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang that Beijing would help to end the war."
Russia’s military failures in Ukraine ‘have prompted China to review its armed forces and delay a possible invasion of Taiwan by up to four years’
The Daily Mail:"According to Chen Ming-tong, head of Taiwan's national security bureau, the East Asian superpower will now not launch an attack for the remainder of Tsai Ing-wen's presidential term, which ends in 2026."
Taiwan sees lessons in Ukraine
Axios:"'If Ukraine can do it, then Taiwanese people should be able to do it as well," I-chung Lai, president of the Taiwan-based think tank Prospect Foundation, told Axios."
US, Filipino forces start war drills in region facing Taiwan
The Independent: "China will likely frown on the war drills given their relative proximity to Taiwan, which it claims as Chinese territory, but organizers said the exercises don’t envision any particular country as a target."
China and Solomon Islands Draft Secret Security Pact, Raising Alarm in the Pacific
The New York Times: '“This is deeply problematic for the United States and a real cause of concern for our allies and partners,” Charles Edel, the inaugural Australia chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said on Friday."
China’s Push to Isolate Taiwan Demands U.S. Action, Report Says
The New York Times: "The report from the German Marshall Fund of the United States recommends that U.S. officials go on the offensive against China’s pervasive presence across top ranks of the United Nations and its “growing coercive and corrupting influence as well as its efforts to promote and legitimize its agenda across the U.N. system.”'
What China really means when it talks about NATO’s eastward expansion
CNN: "In recent days, senior Chinese Foreign Ministry officials and influential Communist Party publications have accused the US of seeking to build a NATO-like bloc in the Indo-Pacific, with one official warning of "unimaginable" consequences if it does."
China Takes a Back Seat in International Diplomacy Over Ukraine
The New York Times: "The result has been to leave China, diplomatically, on the sidelines of the conflict, unable or unwilling to wield influence commensurate with its growing economic and military might."
AP Exclusive: US admiral says China fully militarized isles
AP News: '“I think over the past 20 years we’ve witnessed the largest military buildup since World War II by the PRC,” Aquilino told The Associated Press in an interview, using the initials of China’s formal name. “They have advanced all their capabilities and that buildup of weaponization is destabilizing to the region."'
Five charged with spying on U.S. residents for Chinese secret police
Yahoo! News: "The charges stem from three different complaints, which were unsealed Wednesday by a federal court in Brooklyn, N.Y."
China Planned Taiwan Invasion in Fall, Alleged Russian Intel Leak Claims
Newsweek: "Joseph Wu, Taiwan's minister of foreign affairs, said on Wednesday that his country would have to prepare regardless. "No matter if or when China decides to attack us, we must always be ready to defend ourselves," he told reporters in Taipei."
China says it wants to steer clear of U.S. sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
CNBC: "His comments are seen as one of Beijing’s most explicit statements yet on the unprecedented barrage of international sanctions imposed against Russia’s corporate and financial system. The measures came in response to the Kremlin’s full-scale offensive of Ukraine, which began on Feb. 24."
Russia has requested military and economic assistance from China, US officials say
CNN: '"We also are watching closely to see the extent to which China actually does provide any form of support, material support or economic support, to Russia. It is a concern of ours. And we have communicated to Beijing that we will not stand by and allow any country to compensate Russia for its losses from the economic sanctions," Sullivan said."
U.S. Fights Bioweapons Disinformation Pushed by Russia and China
'“Now that Russia has made these false claims, and China has seemingly endorsed this propaganda, we should all be on the lookout for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or to create a false flag operation using them,” Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday evening. “It’s a clear pattern.”'
China’s promotion of Russian disinformation indicates where its loyalties lie
CNN: '"There is a difference between the way China talks to the international audience and the way it talks to the domestic audience ... for the domestic audience, it's important to preserve this partnership with Russia, because that's a political priority for Xi," said Alexander Gabuev, a senior fellow and the chair of the Russia in the Asia-Pacific Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center."
Chinese companies that aid Russia could face U.S. repercussions, commerce secretary warns.
The New York Times: "Russia “is certainly going to be courting other countries to do an end run around our sanctions and export controls,” Ms. Raimondo said. But if the United States were to find that a company like the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, in Shanghai, was selling its chips to Russia, “we could essentially shut SMIC down because we prevent them from using our equipment and our software,” she said."
China says ‘double standard’ to conflate Taiwan, Ukraine issues
"Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the Taiwan and Ukraine issues were "not at all comparable" as Taiwan was a domestic matter for China, while Ukraine was a dispute between two countries."
China seeks to unify public in support for Russia
AP News: "Media outlets were told last week to post only pro-Russian content and to censor anti-Russian or pro-Western views, according to a copy of instructions posted on the social media account of the newspaper Beijing News. The post was later deleted."
China Asked Russia to Delay Ukraine War Until After Olympics, U.S. Officials Say
The New York Times: "The intelligence on the exchange between the Chinese and Russian officials was classified. It was collected by a Western intelligence service and considered credible by officials. Senior officials in the United States and allied governments passed it around as they discussed when Mr. Putin might attack Ukraine."
China is ‘big winner’ of Russia-Ukraine war, former FBI agent who worked in China warns
Fox News: '"It would not be surprising at all to learn that this is shaping up exactly as China planned," Gray, who spent 10 years working as a supervisory special agent focused on China and North Korea, added."
China says U.S. warship sailing in Taiwan Strait ‘provocative’
Reuters: '"The ship's transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the United States' commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific," 7th Fleet spokesperson Nicholas Lingo said in a statement. "The United States military flies, sails, and operates anywhere international law allows."'
Taiwan warns Chinese aircraft in its air defence zone
Reuters: "The ministry said the latest mission involved eight Chinese J-16 fighters and one Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft, which flew over an area to the northeast of the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands at the top end of the South China Sea."
China refuses to call Russian attack on Ukraine an ‘invasion,’ deflects blame to U.S.
CNBC: "In response to one reporter, Hua appeared to express frustration at the question and said, “The U.S. has been fueling the flame, fanning up the flame, how do they want to put out the fire?”'
China’s leaders may be watching Ukraine with an eye on Taiwan
CNN: "Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has said Taiwan could "empathize" with Ukraine's situation given its experience with "military threats and intimidation from China."'
This Is the Russia-China Friendship That Nixon Feared
The New York Times: "Some American policymakers felt that China would eventually rise, with or without U.S. help. If you take that view, then welcoming China as a friendly partner, instead of a hostile power, made sense. Today, China has a far bigger stake in the international system and the U.S. economy than Nixon could have imagined possible."
Australia demands answers from China over alleged laser incident at sea
CNN: "Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Monday he'd called on the Chinese government to explain the "dangerous" and "reckless" act allegedly carried out by a People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warship last week."
China now more willing, able to challenge US military, report says
Military Times: "Not only has China re-tooled its military into a force that can contend with the U.S., but it also has a “willingness to exercise” its growing power, presenting a “significant” challenge to the U.S. in the long term."
China Now Understands What a Nuclear Rivalry Looks Like
The Atlantic: "The U.S. Department of Defense, in its latest assessment of China’s military capabilities, forecasts that by 2030, the Chinese will have roughly tripled their current stock of nuclear warheads, to 1,000. Perhaps no other single statistic shows with such stark clarity how drastically and fundamentally the relationship between the U.S. and China is deteriorating and how much that trend could endanger American national security and global peace."
Japan Calls for Tough Response on Ukraine, Saying China Is Watching
The Wall Street Journal: '“If something happens on the Ukraine border, that outcome might affect other people’s calculations in Asia,” Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said in an interview. “We have to be very solid on this issue.”'
Exclusive: Olympic Websites Scrub Conflicting Citizenship Info on China’s Star Winter Athlete
Voice of America: "The IOC emailed VOA late Friday with a statement that did not address the issue of the words “dual nationality” being quietly removed from its article about Gu."
US ambassador: China trying ‘to distract us’ by choosing Uyghur for Olympic opening ceremony
The Hill: “'We've made clear that crimes against humanity are being committed in China. So it is important that the audience who participated and witnessed this understand that this does not take away from what we know is happening on the ground there,” she said in response to a question about the Uyghur athlete taking part in the ceremony."
The Beijing Olympics look a lot like Nazi Germany’s
Forward: "For Adolf Hitler in 1936, The Games were a chance to make the Nazi regime seem reasonable and distract from his oppression of German Jews. For Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the Olympics represent an opportunity to turn the world’s attention away from what the United States government and human rights groups have said is his genocidal persecution of China’s largely-Muslim Uyghur minority."
CCP mouthpiece attacks Holocaust museum for condemning China’s Uyghur genocide
Fox News: "China Daily European Union bureau chief Chen Weihua, a notable mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, voiced his anger at the Holocaust Memorial Museum after it compared the ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims in the Xijian region of China to the Nazis' persecution of Jews."
Olympics put Chinese authorities’ press intimidation on full display
'"I'm sorry but this sort of thing is not an "isolated event" and happens regularly to resident foreign media journalists based in China," tweeted Edward Lawrence, a senior journalist based in China for the BBC."
For Uyghur torchbearer, China’s Olympic flame has gone dark
AP News: '“It seems to me that our sense of global citizenship and sportsmanship is not moving forward with these Olympic Games anymore,” Yalqun said in a phone interview from Boston, where he now lives in exile."
Xi’s Olympic guest list heavy on strongmen and autocrats
CNN: "Of the just over 20 presidents, prime ministers, heads of state and royalty set to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on Friday, around half of those dignitaries hail from authoritarian countries with several others listed as "hybrid regimes," as classified by The Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index 2020."
In Clash With U.S. Over Ukraine, Putin Has a Lifeline From China
The New York Times: "A Chinese promise of economic and political support for Mr. Putin could undermine Mr. Biden’s strategy to ostracize the Russian leader for his military buildup on Ukraine’s borders. It could also punctuate a tectonic shift in the rivalry between the United States and China that could reverberate from Europe to the Pacific."
FBI chief: Threat from China ‘more brazen’ than ever before
ABC News: "The bureau is opening new cases to counter Chinese intelligence operations every 12 hours or so, Wray said, with Chinese government hackers pilfering more personal and corporate data than all other countries combined."
Foreign Journalists in China Say They Face Deepening Intimidation
The Wall Street Journal: "Nine in 10 China-based correspondents who replied to the survey said they wouldn’t enter the Olympic zone so they could maintain mobility and continue reporting. China’s adherence to its zero-Covid-19 policy has also led to harsh and unpredictable quarantines, making it difficult to report outside of the country’s main cities where most media are based, the report’s authors wrote, adding that authorities appeared to cite such restrictions in delaying issuance of press credentials or obstructing reporting trips."
US Navy wants to get crashed stealth fighter back — before China can
CNN: '"China will try to locate and survey it thoroughly using submarines and one of its deep diving submersibles," said Carl Schuster, a former director of operations at the US Pacific Command's Joint Intelligence Center in Hawaii."
Russia Navy Trains with China, Considers Ditching U.S. Dollars Over Sanctions Threat
Newsweek: "Russian and Chinese warships joined forces for the "Peaceful Sea-2022" anti-piracy drills in the Arabian Sea. The maneuvers involved the Russian Pacific Fleet's Slava-class missile cruiser Varyag, Udaloy-class large anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma as well as Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy's Type 052D guided-missile destroyer Ürümqi and Type 903A supply ship Taihu."
Feinstein defended China against human rights violations as husband got rich off Chinese companies
Fox News: "Over the last three decades, Feinstein has downplayed the human rights violations being perpetuated by the Chinese Communist Party, according to "Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win," a newly released book by Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer."
Putin says Russia joins China in opposition to boycotts ahead of Olympics
The Hill: '“Together we stand against the politicization of sport and demonstrative boycotts. We support the traditional Olympic values, above all, equality and fairness,” he added, according to the news outlet."
China sends 39 warplanes toward Taiwan, largest in new year
"The Chinese formation Sunday night included 24 J-16 fighter jets and 10 J-10 jets, among other support and electronic warfare aircraft, according to Taiwan's defense ministry."
US Navy warship challenges Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea
CNN: '"All three claimants require either permission or advance notification before a military vessel engages in 'innocent passage' through the territorial sea. Under international law ... the ships of all states -- including their warships -- enjoy the right of innocent passage through the territorial sea. The unilateral imposition of any authorization or advance-notification requirement for innocent passage is unlawful," the US Navy statement said."
Warriors part-owner Chamath Palihapitiya says he doesn’t care about genocide in China, then backtracks
SFGate: "Palihapitiya repeated that the genocide was below his line, and went on to say that he instead cares about such issues as America’s supply-chain problems, climate change and the potential harm to the United States economy if China were to invade Taiwan."
China warns foreign Olympic athletes against speaking out on politics at Winter Games
Read more at The Washington Post “Any expression that is in line with the Olympic spirit I’m sure will be protected,” Yang Shu, deputy director general of international relations for the Beijing Organizing Committee, said in a news conference Tuesday. “Any behavior or speech that is against the Olympic spirit, especially against the Chinese laws […]
New Pentagon charts lay out China’s growing military advantage over Taiwan
Business Insider: "China's military, known officially as the People's Liberation Army (PLA), has a clear numerical advantage in troops, ships, and aircraft. Those forces are improving as the PLA continues its modernization efforts, and despite Taiwan embarking on its own military modernization, China's advantage has only grown in recent years."
China Tries to Tone Down War Talk as Military Tells Taiwan to ‘Surrender Now’
Newsweek: "Surrender now! Hand in your weapons and you won't be killed. We treat prisoners well!" the commentary said. "Your defenses have collapsed; resistance is futile."
The ‘Mother of All’ Supply Shocks Lurks in China’s Covid Crackdowns
Bloomberg: "Krishnan doesn’t see an end to the global supply crunch anytime soon and cautions it could take several years for the snarls to unwind. It’s a sobering outlook to start a year that many had hoped would mark the beginning of the end of the Big Crunch which dogged producers and consumers through much of last year."
Intel Deletes Xinjiang Forced Labor Reference After China Backlash
Newsweek: "Intel's notification to suppliers was reported by news sites in China, where social media users erupted in anger at the reference."
Xinjiang Paramilitary Anti-terror Cop to Lead Hong Kong Garrison
Read more at Voice of America “Under Chen’s leadership, Hong Kong’s PLA soldiers have become more visible — during the 2019 protests they cleared debris following a clash between demonstrators and police, as well as holding frequent drills simulating crowd control and anti-terrorism operations.”
China Takes Lithuania as an Economic Hostage
The Wall Street Journal: "Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has denied that Beijing is blocking imports containing Lithuanian components, but goods are still stuck or severely delayed, with volumes growing rapidly."
Uganda Finds China’s Leverage Is in the Fine Print of Its Lending
The Wall Street Journal: "Beijing has previously indicated it isn’t out to take over infrastructure projects; it just wants to be repaid."
China Denies US Report it’s Rapidly Growing its Nuclear Arms "The U.S. Defense Department said in a report in November that China is expanding its nuclear force faster than previously predicted and could have more than 1,000 warheads by 2030. The U.S. has 3,750 nuclear weapons."
Stop counting warships. China’s special-operations forces are Taiwan’s real problem.
Business Insider: "Beijing has been massively upgrading its airborne forces so that all three major services are now making very regular parachute jumps. Exercises demonstrate that Chinese airborne forces, moreover, are undertaking more challenging jumps, including at night, in coastal areas, and even over the water."
China and Russia Military Cooperation Raises Prospect of New Challenge to American Power
The Wall Street Journal: “There is quite a common ground between Moscow and Beijing in terms of what we dislike in Washington’s politics,” Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said in October. “We dislike the deficit of mutual respect in Washington’s approach. We like a devoted noninterference principle. On this ground, we [Russia and China] are close to each other.”
Thousands message late Chinese COVID whistleblower doctor 2 years on
"In early January, after the information on "SARS cases" was shared in a WeChat group, Li was reprimanded by the local police, according to the same Weibo post."
China outlines vision for four mega data centre clusters
"China aims to expand its big data industry into a more than 3 trillion yuan ($470 billion) sector by 2025 through the building of several clusters of data centres, according to a 2021-2025 plan by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released in November."
Opinion: Americans must rally against the real threat to our democracy: China
The Washington Post: "By far the most dangerous of these is China, as it is led by the most able of the absolutists, President Xi Jinping, and backed by a Communist Party as ruthless as any of its predecessors. The technological, military and economic might of China is greater as 2021 comes to a close than the U.S.S.R. was at the height of its power, even given that collapsed empire’s much larger nuclear arsenal."
Justin Trudeau suggests China is ‘playing’ Western nations and trying to pit them against each other
"So how do we access that? Well, we've been competing. And China has been, from time to time, very cleverly playing us off each other in an open-market, competitive way," he said, without specifying any actions from China that prompted his remarks."
China is on the move in Central America | Opinion
"Taken together, the port project and the economic zones will privilege Chinese exporters, port operators, logistics firms and construction companies. American business interests will be disadvantaged, but the Chinese navy's potential use of port facilities may elicit for greater American concerns. Even if Beijing does not seek sovereign control over La Unión, its commercial management of the port and its political influence in the country may well open the door to a regular if not permanent Chinese naval presence in El Salvador."
Harvard professor found guilty of lying about Chinese government ties
CNN: "Lieber's research group at Harvard had received over $15 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense, which requires disclosing foreign financial conflicts of interests. The jury found that Lieber had lied about his affiliation with the Wuhan University of Technology in China and a contract he had with a Chinese talent recruitment plan to attract high-level scientists to the country."
China Wants Six Aircraft Carriers by 2035. Can It Build Them?
The National Interest: "Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Type 002’s development is the breakneck speed at which it is being produced and transferred to the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), with its commission set for 2022. Type 002’s most recent predecessor, Type 001A, was laid down in 2013 and is still undergoing sea trials. Even China’s oldest aircraft carrier, the Type 001 Liaoning, was only declared battle-ready as late as 2016, on the heels of a tortured acquisition and retrofit process."
Chinese spies have penetrated Taiwan’s military, case documents reveal
Reuters: "The operation detailed in these documents shows how Beijing allegedly sought out commanders in the Taiwan military and induced them to become spies. It comes amid a series of convictions for military espionage in Taiwan in recent years. Those cases reveal that China has mounted a broader campaign to undermine the democratic island’s military and civilian leadership, corrode its will to fight, extract details of high-tech weapons and gain insights into defense planning, according to senior retired Taiwanese military officers and current counter-espionage agents, as well as former U.S. military and intelligence officers with experience in Taiwan."
Microsoft warns China, Iran, North Korea and Turkey are exploiting recently revealed software vulnerability
CNN: "Microsoft joined a chorus of other big cybersecurity firms in sounding the alarm that suspected foreign espionage groups were pouncing on the vulnerability."
China’s Xi reportedly backs Putin in Russia’s bid for security guarantees from the West
CNBC: Putin also called Xi his “dear friend” and said relations between the two countries had reached “an unprecedentedly high level,” according to a report of the call’s opening remarks from Russian state news agency TASS.
The Growing Danger of U.S. Ambiguity on Taiwan
Foreign Affairs: "Officials and analysts in Washington increasingly recognize that China now has the capability to fight a war with the United States over Taiwan—a notion that once seemed far-fetched."
GOP reps rip Disney over ‘deplorable’ scrubbing of ‘Simpsons’ China episode
The New York Post: '“We are deeply concerned by the apparent decision of Disney to scrub history on behalf of the Communist tyrants in Beijing, even in a satirical environment like ‘The Simpsons,'” read the Friday letter, led by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC), to Disney chief executive Bob Chapek."
Ahead of Biden’s Democracy Summit, China Says: We’re Also a Democracy
The New York Times: "It is unlikely that any democratic country will be persuaded by China’s model. By any measure except its own, China is one of the least democratic countries in the world, sitting near the bottom of lists ranking political and personal freedoms."
Scoop: Rubio demands Airbnb de-list rentals on Chinese land owned by sanctioned group
Axios: "Rubio called this position "immaterial to the greater concern at hand," which is whether it is "legal or ethical" for Airbnb to do business "directly or indirectly" with an entity sanctioned for human rights abuses."
China Seeks First Military Base on Africa’s Atlantic Coast, U.S. Intelligence Finds
The Wall Street Journal: "The great-power skirmishing over a country that rarely draws outside attention reflects the rising tensions between Washington and Beijing. The two countries are sparring over the status of Taiwan, China’s testing of a hypersonic missile, the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and other issues."
When it comes to China, sports and entertainment often tread lightly
The Washington Post: "Following her Nov. 2 allegations of sexual assault by a former senior Chinese official, references to Peng; the accused official, Zhang Gaoli; and even the word “tennis” were scrubbed from the Chinese Internet, and Peng was not seen in public for more than two weeks. Her disappearance led to an international outcry, and her carefully curated reemergence in Chinese media raised further questions about her safety."
The Simpsons: Tiananmen episode not found in Hong Kong
BBC News: "Disney has not commented on the missing episode."
Opinion: A shadow war in space is heating up fast
The Washington Post: "While Washington officials and experts warn of the risks of an arms race in space, the United States’ adversaries are constantly conducting operations against U.S. satellites that skirt the line between intelligence operations and acts of war. The pace of conflict is intensifying, according to a top Space Force general, who told me that China could overtake the United States to become the number one power in space by the end of the decade."
China’s use of refueling aircraft during recent Taiwan sortie raises concern
Fox News: "On Sunday, Beijing deployed 18 fighter jets and five H-6 bombers, that have nuclear capabilities, Reuters reported. The report said that the Y-20 was likely used to refuel the fighters during the mission, which could help the country extend its military reach in any possible future confrontations."
America must prepare for war with China over Taiwan
The Hill" “Time is not on our side. Taiwan Minister of Defense Chiu Kuo-Cheng testified before his Congress on Oct. 6 that, "By 2025, China will bring the cost attrition to its lowest. It has the capacity now, but it will not start a war easily, having to take many other things into consideration." As Chiu states, China probably already considers it has the capability to seize Taiwan. “
What are the Chinese after? Everything.
The Dispatch: "The same thing the Chinese government wants all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and, most importantly perhaps, the United States: artificial intelligence technology, military technology and advanced avionics, surveillance equipment, energy supplies, and more. You name it, Beijing wants it, wants to own it, and much of the time, doesn’t want you to be sure exactly who is using it and what for."
China Is Expanding Its Effort to Launch Weapons From Hypersonic Missiles
The Wall Street Journal: “The state-controlled AVIC Aerodynamics Research Institute said it is set to open a new wind tunnel capable of replicating the speeds and high temperatures faced by hypersonic missiles. The new wind tunnel’s roles include testing the “separation and release”’
Exclusive: Marriott refused to host Uyghur conference, citing “political neutrality”
Axios: "The Marriott hotel in Prague declined to host a conference of activists and leaders from China's Uyghur diaspora this month, citing "political neutrality," an email shared with Axios shows."
China Bought Italian Military-Drone Maker Without Authorities’ Knowledge
The Wall Street Journal: "Italian authorities are investigating the 2018 takeover of Alpi Aviation Srl by a Hong Kong-registered company that they say is a front for the Chinese state and was in the process of transferring the company’s technical and intellectual property to a new production site in China."
China Can’t Censor Away Growing Anger Over Athlete’s #MeToo Accusation
The New York Times: “The latest pushback on China’s effort to squelch the accusation came early on Thursday after Chinese state media tried to refute it, while saying Ms. Peng was safe and sound. It published an email purportedly written by Ms. Peng herself, saying the sexual assault accusations were no: true and asking for officials who run women’s tennis to stop meddling.”
Germany may have been naive on China at first, Merkel says
Reuters: "Maybe initially we were rather too naïve in our approach to some cooperation partnerships," Merkel said in an interview. "These days we look more closely, and rightly so."
‘Fox in the hen house’: Fears Chinese official vying for Interpol job could pursue Beijing’s critics
The Sydney Morning Herald: “Having a Chinese offical at Interpol would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house."
U.S. Companies Aid China’s Bid for Chip Dominance Despite Security Concerns
The Wall Street Journal: "While the sums invested in many of the deals aren’t disclosed, the investors participated in financing rounds that overall raised billions of dollars for China chip startups, the Journal found."
China’s Communist Plenum Passes Resolution to Rewrite History
The New York Times: "The meeting is likely to pave the way for Mr. Xi to claim a third five-year term as the country’s leader, bucking the two-term limit observed by his predecessor."
China is boosting intel gathering capabilities aimed at Taiwan, says new report from Taipei
Defense News: "China is speeding up the deployment of JB and Tiantong series reconnaissance and communications satellites, which are capable of providing high-resolution imagery and would strengthen the country’s supremacy in space and electromagnetic domains, the report added."
US Holocaust Museum says China boosting Uyghur repression
“The Chinese government has done its best to keep information about crimes against the Uyghurs from seeing the light of day,” said Tom Bernstein, the chairman of the museum’s Committee on Conscience. “The Chinese government must halt its attacks on the Uyghur people and allow independent international monitors to investigate and ensure that the crimes have stopped."
Satellite images show China built mock-ups of US warships
Yahoo! News: "The images captured by Colorado-based satellite imagery company Maxar Technologies dated Sunday show the outlines of a U.S. aircraft carrier and at least one destroyer sitting on a railway track."
Supporters of Taiwan independence will be liable for life, says China
Reuters: "This was the first time that China has spelt out concretely punishment for people deemed to be pro-Taiwan independence, as tensions rise between China and the self-ruled island Beijing claims as its own."
China has debated attacking Taiwan-controlled islands, Taiwan official says
Reuters: "Taiwan, a self-ruled island claimed by Beijing, has complained for over a year of repeated sorties by China's air force, often in the southwestern part of its air defence zone near the Taiwan-controlled but lightly defended Pratas Islands."
Man detained for 9 days in China for sending meme deemed ‘insulting’ to police
CNN: "The man, identified only by his surname Li, allegedly sent the meme on the Chinese social media platform WeChat, in a group exchange complaining about the local Covid-19 prevention and control measures late last month, according to authorities and state media."
Biden’s Taiwan test is coming
"Make no mistake: Taiwan is on the frontline of international defense against tyranny. This small island with almost as many people as much-larger Australia is a technological powerhouse that plays a central role in the international semiconductor business. Its absorption will not only make China a more formidable economic competitor to the United States, but also threaten global peace and critically accelerate the global chip shortage."
Senior US general warns China’s military progress is ‘stunning’ as US is hampered by ‘brutal’ bureaucracy
CNN: "Calling China a pacing threat is a useful term because the pace at which China is moving is stunning," Hyten told reporters at a Defense Writers Group roundtable Thursday morning. "The pace they're moving and the trajectory they're on will surpass Russia and the United States if we don't do something to change it. It will happen. So I think we have to do something."
Taiwan’s President says the threat from China is increasing ‘every day’ and confirms presence of US military trainers on the island
CNN:'"Here is this island of 23 million people trying hard every day to protect ourselves and protect our democracy and making sure that our people have the kind of freedom they deserve," she said."
U.S. Gen. Mark Milley Likens China’s Hypersonic Weapon Test to ‘Sputnik Moment’
Bloomberg: “What we saw was a very significant event of a test of a hypersonic weapon system. And it is very concerning,” General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in an interview for “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations” on Bloomberg Television. “I don’t know if it’s quite a Sputnik moment, but I think it’s very close to that. It has all of our attention.”
Chinese Censorship is going global
Foreign Policy: "British officials told the activist that, under the terms of a 2020 Hong Kong law, Browder could risk arrest, extradition, trial, and even punishment by the Chinese regime."
Why Russian and Chinese warships teaming up to circle Japan is a big deal
CNN: "The voyage, billed as the first joint China-Russia naval patrol in the western Pacific, saw the vessels sail through the Tsugaru Strait that separates Japan's main island and its northern island of Hokkaido, before heading down the nation's eastern coast and then back toward China through the Osumi Strait off the southern Japanese island of Kyushu."
China-linked disinformation campaign blames Covid on Maine lobsters
NBC News: "In mid-September, Marcel Schliebs, a disinformation researcher at the University of Oxford who had been tracking messaging that Chinese diplomats and state media spread on Twitter for 18 months, spotted the emergence of a surprising coronavirus origin theory."
Boston Celtics star slams China’s Xi over Tibet, Tencent scraps team’s NBA broadcast
CNBC: "Not long after the tweet on Wednesday, highlights from the Celtics’ game against the Knicks were made unavailable on the Tencent Sports app. Upcoming Celtics games also appear to be unavailable for live stream."
US admits Pentagon doesn’t know how to defend against China’s hypersonic missiles
Yahoo! News: “'We have seen China and Russia pursuing very actively the use, the militarization of this technology, so we are just having to respond in kind," he said."
China’s Hypersonic Wakeup Call
WSJ Opinion: "This is important to understand because the next major war won’t look anything like the last one. The U.S. homeland was spared from most of World War II’s destruction. But the next conflict will feature cyber attacks, hypersonic missiles, and unmanned vehicles using artificial intelligence that put the U.S. at risk of attack from afar. Hiding behind fortress America won’t be possible, if it ever was."
China is Watching You
The Atlantic: "The company began as a Chinese state entity and maintains close ties with China’s Communist leaders. The China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), a fully state-owned defense-industrial conglomerate, is Hikvision’s largest shareholder and straddles the military and civilian sectors, producing such varied goods as lasers and washing machines. Since its public listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010, Hikvision has, if anything, strengthened its connections with the government."
Chinese military condemns US and Canada over warships in Taiwan Strait
The Guardian: "China sent about 150 aircraft into the zone over a four-day period beginning on 1 October in a further heightening of tension between Beijing and Taipei that has sparked concern internationally."
Apple took down a Quran app and a Bible app in China on the request of Chinese officials
MSN: "Apple told the BBC that Chinese officials had said the apps breached laws on hosting illegal religious texts."
Taiwan tensions raise fears of US-China conflict in Asia
Yahoo! News: "Experts agree a direct conflict is unlikely at the moment, but as the future of self-ruled Taiwan increasingly becomes a powder keg, a mishap or miscalculation could lead to confrontation while Chinese and American ambitions are at odds."
When will China surpass the US Military in Air Superiority?
Voice of America: "At the same event, Lieutenant General S. Clinton Hinote, a deputy chief of staff, warned that the U.S. was not keeping pace with China's advancements. "In a few important areas, we're behind — tonight. This is not a tomorrow problem. This is a today."'
China says it held beach landing drills in province opposite Taiwan
CNN: "The official People's Liberation Army Daily newspaper, in a brief report on its Weibo microblogging account, said the drills had been carried out "in recent days" in the southern part of Fujian province."
‘The Chinese are advancing their capabilities at a remarkable clip’
9News: "She said China's President Xi Jinping's rhetoric is making "clear their intentions" to be a global military power."
Congo’s $6 billion China mining deal ‘unconscionable’, says draft report
Yahoo! Finance: "The draft, seen by Reuters, describes the deal that was first signed in 2008 as "unconscionable" and urges Congo's government to cancel an amendment signed secretly in 2017 that sped up payments to Chinese mining investors and slowed reimbursements of investment in infrastructure."
CIA will focus on China with new mission center
"The CIA's mission centers integrate key functions of operations and analysis, says former CIA China analyst Rodney Faraon, pointing to other key mission centers like counterterrorism and counterintelligence."
China could mount full scale invasion of Taiwan by 2025, island’s defense minister says
The Guardian: '“By 2025, China will bring the cost and attrition to its lowest. It has the capacity now, but it will not start a war easily, having to take many other things into consideration,” he said."
China sends 150 military flights over Taiwan, threatens Australia
New York Post: "The US State Department released a statement warning China on Sunday against the “provocative military activity,” calling it “destabilizing.”'
US ‘concerned’ by China’s incursion into Taiwan’s defence zone
BBC News: "On Saturday, a total of 39 Chinese military jets flew into the same area in two waves during the day and evening. It was the largest incursion by Beijing to date."
As China opens up, the CCP doubles down on repression in Tibet and Xinjiang
The Hill: "The increase of Han Chinese tourism, the majority ethnic group in China, to Tibet and Xinjiang is part of the CCP’s broader mission to wholly assimilate the peripheral regions. Today, the CCP forcibly dilutes the cultural and religious identities of minority ethnicities. Distinctive identities that are unable to be assimilated are consequently ostracized, punished and eradicated."
China’s high-end military technology touted at biggest air show
Reuters: "'Key platforms in service with the PLAAF – having been operated in tight secrecy previously – being shown to the public for the first time have attracted considerable attention from the international audience," said Kelvin Wong, a Singapore-based defence editor at Janes."
For India’s Military, a Juggling Act on Two Hostile Fronts
The New York Times: "China has made investments and inroads from Sri Lanka to Nepal. The victory in Afghanistan by the Taliban, a movement nurtured and harbored in Pakistan that has increasing ties to China, has essentially shut out India from a country it saw as a natural ally in the regional balance."
China Sends 24 Fighter Jets Toward Taiwan in Show of Force Sends 24 Fighter Jets Toward Taiwan in Show of Force "China's People's Liberation Army flew fighter jets toward Taiwan twice on Thursday, once in the morning with 19 planes, and once in the afternoon with five more. Taiwan deployed air patrol forces in response to the Chinese jets and tracked them on its air defense systems, the island’s Defense Ministry said in a statement."
China could accelerate military efforts in response to U.S.-Australia submarine deal, analyst says
CNBC: "China has denounced a nuclear submarine deal among the U.S., the U.K. and Australia — and tensions in the Indo-Pacific region will likely continue to rise, said an analyst at consultancy firm Eurasia Group."
Japan urges Europe to speak out against China’s military expansion
The Guardian: In an interview with the Guardian, Japan’s defence minister, Nobuo Kishi, said China had become increasingly powerful politically, economically and militarily and was “attempting to use its power to unilaterally change the status quo in the East and South China Seas”, which are crucial to global shipping and include waters and islands claimed by several other nations."
China enters Taiwan air defence zone a day after military budget boost
Reuters: "Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained for a year or more of repeated missions by China's air force near the democratically governed island, often in the southwestern part of its air defence zone close to the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands."
China’s most famous defector to America warned US intelligence agencies of coronavirus in 2019
"Wei Jingsheng, the father of China’s democracy movement, reveals in a new book, “What Really Happened in Wuhan,” that he first heard of a mysterious new virus at the time of the World Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019."
Chinese Warships Sailing Near Alaska’s Aleutian Islands Shadowed by U.S. Coast Guard
The Drive: "The exact identities of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ships that were inside the EEZ in August are unclear. However, the caption to one of the pictures, seen at the top of this story, says that "the PLAN task force included a guided missile cruiser, a guided missile destroyer, a general intelligence vessel, and an auxiliary vessel."'
China Weighing Occupation of Former U.S. Air Base at Bagram: Sources
U.S. News & World Report: "A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday issued a carefully crafted denial of plans for an imminent takeover of the military airfield roughly an hour from Kabul, first established by the Soviets during their own occupation in Afghanistan and which at the height of the U.S. military presence there was its busiest in the world."
Welcoming Committee—Every Time an American Flattop Enters The South China Sea, Chinese Bombers Launch
Forbes: "In a word, bombers. Every time an American flattop has sailed into the South China Sea in recent months, a powerful formation of Chinese warplanes—always including H-6 bombers—has launched the very same day."
China bans men considered ‘girly’ from appearing on TV
New York Post: “Under the guidelines, broadcasters must “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics,” authorities said, using an offensive slang term literally meaning “girlie guns.”’
China’s new U.S. ambassador goes full wolf in first major speech
Politico: "In his most substantive public statement yet, Qin pointed ominously to China’s nuclear weapons capability and warned of “disastrous consequences” if the U.S. seeks to suppress China using a “Cold War playbook.”'
Taiwan warns of China’s Ability to ‘Paralyze’ Island’s Defenses
Bloomberg: "China was able to neutralize Taiwan’s air-and-sea defenses and counter-attack systems with “soft and hard electronic attacks,” the Defense Ministry in Taipei said in an annual report to lawmakers seen by Bloomberg News. The document offered a more alarming assessment than last year’s report, which had said China still lacked the capability to launch an assault."
Russia and China eye a retreating U.S.
WSJ Opinion: "In the near term, responding to both menaces and opportunities emanating from Afghanistan, China will seek to increase its already considerable influence in Pakistan; Russia will do the same in Central Asia’s former Soviet republics; and both will expand their Middle East initiatives, often along with Iran. There is little evidence that the White House is ready to respond to any of these threats."
Meth, Vanilla and ‘Gulags’: How China Has Overtaken the South Pacific One Island at a Time
POLITICO: '"For me, if Tonga falls to China, then that’s an indication that the Pacific is gone,” Cleo Paskal, a lead researcher on the Indo-Pacific for the London-based international think tank Chatham House, told me recently."
As China-Taiwan Tensions Rise, Japan Begins Preparing for Possible Conflict
Wall Street Journal: "Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said recently in a speech to supporters that Japan and the U.S. should plan together to defend the island in the event of hostilities."
China schools: ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ introduced into curriculum
BBC: '"Xi Jinping thought" will help "teenagers establish Marxist beliefs", said the Ministry of Education (MOE) in new guidelines. The ideology will be integrated from primary school up to university."
Rejecting Covid Inquiry, China Peddles Conspiracy Theories Blaming the U.S.
New York Times: "Beijing is peddling groundless theories that the United States may be the true source of the coronavirus, as it pushes back against efforts to investigate the pandemic’s origins in China. The disinformation campaign started last year, but Beijing has raised the volume in recent weeks, reflecting its anxiety about being blamed for the pandemic that has killed millions globally."
China says U.S. army must be held accountable for Afghanistan actions
Reuters: "The US, UK, Australia and other countries must be held accountable for the violation of human rights committed by their military in Afghanistan and the evolution of this current session should cover this issue," China's ambassador Chen Xu told an emergency session of the Human Rights Council on Afghanistan.
Taliban Helps China Target Afghan Uyghurs to Woo Beijing
BYLINE TIMES: Today, there are an estimated 2,000 Uyghurs living in Afghanistan, but despite most having lived in the country for years and many having Afghan citizenship, their official identification forms still state that they are “Chinese migrants”, prompting fears that they will be used as a bargaining chip or diplomatic gesture by the Taliban to curry favour from Beijing.
South Koreans Now Dislike China More Than They Dislike Japan
New York Times: There is growing anti-China sentiment in South Korea, particularly among young voters.
China eyeing power grab off chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan
FOX News: Chinese state-controlled media have revved up their critical rhetoric surrounding the Taliban’s lightning takeover of Afghanistan following the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces.
Australia says it is ‘seriously concerned’ about journalist’s yearlong detention in China
CNBC: The Australian government said Friday that it remained seriously concerned about the welfare of a Chinese-born Australian journalist a year after she was first detained in China.
Adm. Faller: China exploiting corruption in Latin America
POLITICO: China is pursuing a dramatic increase in trade and investment in Latin America.
China says crackdown on business to go on for years
BBC: The Chinese government has unveiled a five-year plan outlining tighter regulation of much of its economy.
Opinion: Wall Street is failing to protect American investors from the Chinese Communist Party
The Wall Street Journal: The Securities and Exchange Commission is dragging its feet on implementing a new law to kick opaque Chinese companies off U.S. exchanges, several GOP lawmakers claim.
China boosts Olympic gold medal count by lumping in Hong Kong, Taiwan
New York Post: One of the communist country’s official outlets found a way to boost its nation’s second-place medal haul ahead of the leading United States, by including the medals won by Taiwan and Hong Kong in the tally, according to reports.
Chinese Court Rejects Canadian’s Appeal of Death Sentence for Drug Trafficking
The New York Times: A Chinese court on Tuesday upheld the death sentence of a Canadian man convicted of drug trafficking, one of several legal cases that have driven a diplomatic rift between Beijing and Ottawa.
Blinken’s Warning on China’s Nukes
The Wall Street Journal: The Friday readout from Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s meeting with leaders of Southeast Asian countries listed some of the long-running U.S. objections to Chinese behavior, then added a new one: “The Secretary also noted deep concern with the rapid growth of the PRC’s nuclear arsenal,” according to a State Department press release.
Ted Cruz’s question about China sanctions silences Biden intel official during testimony
Fox News: Sen. Ted. Cruz was met with silence during a congressional hearing when he grilled a panel of cybersecurity officials on why China was not sanctioned after the attack on Microsoft and other U.S. companies.
The Chinese Sports Machine’s Single Goal: The Most Golds, at Any Cost
The New York Times: China relies on a system that puts tens of thousands of children in government-run training schools. Many of the young athletes are funneled into less prominent sports that Beijing hopes to dominate.
Why Do Democrats Support Sending U.S. Taxpayer Dollars To Help Hollywood Spread Chinese Communist Propaganda?
The Federalist: Most in Hollywood know that to access the growing Chinese market, filmmakers, directors, and actors must play by the Chinese Communist Party’s rules—and in the words of President Xi Jinping, “tell China’s story well.”
U.S.-China rivalry may solidify ‘like a hard concrete’ after latest meeting, says analyst
CNBC: The rivalry between the U.S. and China is likely to persist for some time after both countries set demands for each other that are “unreachable,” a political analyst told CNBC on Tuesday.
China appears to be expanding its nuclear capabilities, US researchers say in new report
CNN: China is building a second field of missile silos in its western deserts, according to a new study, which researchers say signals a potential expansion of its nuclear arsenal and calls into question Beijing's commitment to its "minimum deterrence" strategy.
‘They Have My Sister’: As Uyghurs Speak Out, China Targets Their Families
New York Times: Mr. Ayup says his niece was only the latest in his family to come under pressure from the authorities. His two siblings had already been detained and imprisoned. All three were targeted in retaliation for his efforts to expose the plight of the Uyghurs, he said.
China’s attempt to troll US on social media prompts Cruz response
Fox News: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was quick to respond to a tweet from China’s foreign ministry that called on the U.S. to "set a good example" and comply "with international rules" instead of breaking them.
US, China diplomatic talks confrontational, as accusations fly
Fox News: A top Chinese diplomat accused the United States of creating an "imaginary enemy" during another tense meeting between representatives from Beijing and the Biden administration.
Communist China Tech Firm Huawei Hires Democrat Lobbyist Tony Podesta For Biden Connections
The Federalist: Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta is joining Huawei, a Chinese firm known for kowtowing to nations adversarial to the U.S. and maintaining close relations with the Chinese Communist Party, as a consultant to help the tech giant push an agenda on the Biden administration.
‘Disturbing’ actions by China signal early stages of a cold war, economist Stephen Roach warns
CNBC: Roach, who is considered one of the world’s leading experts on Asia, believes the actions are signaling the early stages of a cold war.
China’s first stealth fighter for aircraft carriers is emerging, but a big problem still weighs it down
Business Insider: China's J-20 fifth-generation stealth fighter is the most vaunted aircraft in the People's Liberation Army Air Force's inventory.
U.S. warns companies about the risks of doing business in Hong Kong as China clamps down on rights
CNBC: The nine-page Hong Kong Business Advisory – published jointly by the departments of State, Treasury, Commerce and Homeland Security – warns that U.S. firms are encountering a number of risks posed by China’s national security law in Hong Kong.
Room for 10,000: Inside China’s largest detention center
The Associated Press: The Uyghur inmates sat in uniform rows with their legs crossed in lotus position and their backs ramrod straight, numbered and tagged, gazing at a television playing grainy black-and-white images of Chinese Communist Party history.
China ‘shocked’ over WHO plan for second phase of COVID origins study
Fox News: The head of the WHO acknowledged last week that it was premature to rule out a potential link between the pandemic and a leak of the coronavirus from a Chinese lab.
China is buying up American farms. Washington wants to crack down.
POLITICO: The push to drain China’s influence from the U.S. economy has reached America’s farm country, as congressional lawmakers from both parties are looking at measures to crack down on foreign purchases of prime agricultural real estate.
China threatens to nuke Japan over Taiwan in video played on CCP-sanctioned channel
Fox News: The Chinese Communist Party aired a video in which it warned Japan of a nuclear response and "full-scale war" if the island nation interferes in China’s handling of Taiwan.
Chinese people ordered to think like Xi as Communist Party aims to tighten control
CNN: Days after entering its second century, the Chinese Communist Party has set out its priority for the new era -- tightening ideological control over 1.4 billion Chinese people.
Op-ed: American corporations must stop selling out to China’s brutal regime
CNBC: Our country has become largely desensitized to its largest conglomerates habitually selling out to a brutal dictatorship.
One by One, My Friends Were Sent to the Camps
The Atlantic: Tahir Hamut Izgil arrived with his family in the United States in 2017, fleeing the Chinese government’s merciless persecution of his people. Tahir’s escape not only spared him near-certain internment in the camps that have swallowed more than 1 million Uyghurs; it also allowed him to share with the world his experience of the calamity engulfing his homeland.
Microsoft Exchange hack caused by China, US and allies say
Associated Press News: The broad range of cyberthreats from Beijing disclosed on Monday included ransomware attacks from government-affiliated hackers that have targeted victims — including in the U.S. — with demands for millions of dollars.
Senate passes bill to ban all products from Xinjiang over China rights abuse
Axios: The Senate unanimously passed a bill on Wednesday that would ban the importation of all products from Xinjiang, China, due to the forced labor and genocide of Uyghurs and other minorities in the region.
‘China senses weakness’: Pence attacks Biden’s tack toward Beijing in major speech
POLITICO: Former Vice President Mike Pence called on the Biden administration to take a harder line toward China in a major foreign policy speech on Wednesday — claiming that he and former President Donald Trump had “changed the national consensus” on the threat posed by Beijing.
China’s centenary address recalls Stalin’s declaration of Cold War
The Hill: Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s speech this month at the Chinese Community Party’s centenary actually appeared to be a “war cry,” akin to the declarations of conflict made by Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong.
Japan Calls for ‘Sense of Crisis’ Over China-Taiwan Tensions
The New York Times: In unusually blunt terms, Japan on Tuesday warned that military posturing by Beijing and Washington over Taiwan was posing a threat to its security.
China, After Mocking Surfside Rescue, Hit by Hotel Collapse Disaster
Newsweek: Chinese diplomats have drawn extra attention to the ongoing rescue work at the site of a fatal hotel collapse in eastern China on Monday, after having taken to Twitter to ridicule U.S. efforts in Florida less than one week ago.
China Imprisons Uyghur Businessmen Once Seen as Bridges to Community
The Wall Street Journal: In recent years, the Xinjiang regional government has enacted a slew of draconian policies aimed at subduing the region’s minorities, including extrajudicial detention of as many as one million people.
China says it ‘drove away’ U.S. warship in South China Sea
NBC News: On July 12, 2016, the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague ruled that China had no historic title over the South China Sea, a ruling that China said it would ignore.
Opinion: U.S. athletes who protest their country’s flag are playing right into China’s hands
The Washington Post: If U.S. athletes protest the national anthem in Beijing, they will be echoing this Chinese Communist propaganda. Instead, maybe they should focus their protests on China’s systematic rape and forced sterilization of Uyghur women.
SBA gave COVID grant money to Chinese Communist Party front group
Fox Business: The Small Business Administration (SBA) last year gave coronavirus relief money to the Confucius Institute, a Chinese Communist Party front group that functions as a propaganda arm for the brutal regime at American colleges.
China’s Ambitious Space Programs Raise Red Flags
National Defense: China is making progress with several space-related initiatives that are becoming a growing concern for the United States and its allies.
China’s military prepares for war, while America’s military goes ‘woke’
The Hill: President Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) centenary speechconveyed his regime’s resolve in many ways.
Nebraska Gov. Ricketts calls out China, warns leftists in declaring Victims of Communism Month
Fox News: Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts has declared July to be Victims of Communism Remembrance Month and is speaking out against the actions of communist regimes throughout history and the present.
Twitter restricts account of expert who mocked China leader
Yahoo! News: A New Zealand academic says Twitter temporarily restricted her account after she mocked Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Opinion: The Chinese Communist Party’s anniversary is Hong Kong’s funeral
The Washington Post: This July 1, propaganda banners celebrating the CCP’s 100-year anniversary stood where pro-democracy signs would otherwise have been. This year, the streets were filled with police, not celebrators.
China’s national security legislation is destroying Hong Kong’s rule of law
Vox: The Beijing-imposed legislation went into effect a year ago. It is vague, it is broad, and it targets crimes such as secession, subversion, colluding with foreign powers, and terrorism. It portended a sweeping crackdown on dissent and an erosion of the rule of law in Hong Kong.
Satellite Photos Show China Expanding Its Mysterious Desert Airfield
NPR: It inspires comparisons to Area-51: A massive, three-mile-long runway in a remote patch of Chinese desert, hundreds of miles from any cities.
China pressure ‘undermining Australian universities’, report says
BBC: Chinese pro-democracy students in Australia experience harassment and fear punishment if they speak out on sensitive issues, a new report says.
Black, Bennett, Hanson: China’s naked aggression, provocation is at record levels. Where is US leadership?
Fox News: With the shutting down of the Apple newspaper in Hong Kong a couple of months after the assault on the Epoch Times office in Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China has raised its level of naked aggression and provocation of the West to its highest point since President Nixon's trip to China in 1972.
A quiet battle is raging in Congress over how the US will respond to China’s growing power
Business Insider: The bipartisan consensus on the need for a significant response to the rise of Chinese power has now driven major new China legislation in both the Senate and House.
In China, the media doesn’t hold the powerful accountable. It ensures those in power hold on to it
CNN Business: This week, Hong Kong's largest and loudest pro-democracy tabloid, Apple Daily, was shuttered under pressure from the government — the latest target of the party's crusade against the city's opposition voices and rapidly shrinking freedoms since the imposition of a national security law a year ago.
House Republicans demand accountability for China on coronavirus pandemic: Make them ‘feel pain’
Fox News: House Republicans Wednesday called on the Biden administration and congressional Democrats to take more action to hold China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic as they released their GOP roadmap for achieving justice for the American people who suffered tremendous losses from the global pandemic.
Opinion: Americans should worry more about China than Russia. The new space race shows why.
The Washington Post: Although both adversaries threaten U.S. interests, Americans need to worry more about a rising and militarizing China than a revanchist Russia. The new space race helps illustrate why.
China’s Crackdown on Hong Kong
The New York Times: In the year since China passed a sweeping national security law for Hong Kong, the mainland government has steadily tightened its grip on the city, quashing the pro-democracy movement.
Republicans slam Biden’s ‘vague threats’ to China over COVID stonewall
Fox News: House Republicans are not satisfied with the Biden administration’s stance against the Chinese government when it comes to making sure there is a thorough investigation of the coronavirus pandemic.
‘Does That Sound Like Not Taking It Lying Down?’: Dana Bash Challenges Biden’s National Security Adviser On Pressuring China
The Daily Caller: CNN anchor Dana Bash challenged National Security adviser Jake Sullivan Sunday on President Joe Biden’s plan to put pressure on the Chinese Communist Party.
Ortagus: Biden, Obama believed China’s rise, American decline was ‘inevitable’
Fox News: Former State Department Spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus sat down with "Fox & Friends" and blasted President Biden and former President Obama for their handling of China. Biden pushed back on the assertion that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping were "old friends" at a press conference on Wednesday.
The F.C.C. proposes further restrictions on Chinese telecom equipment.
The New York Times: The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday proposed further restrictions on purchases of telecommunications equipment that pose national security risks, strengthening its opposition to Chinese providers of 5G wireless and other technologies.
Chinese Communist Party-linked newspaper highlights political cartoon mocking Christianity, West after G-7
Fox News: A Chinese Communist Party-linked newspaper is highlighting an anti-Christian, anti-West political cartoon deriding the U.S. as "feeble" and destined for death.
Cotton warns of China collecting athletes’ DNA at 2022 Olympics
The Hill: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Tuesday urged the Biden administration to ensure protections for U.S. athletes competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics, warning about China potentially trying to collect athletes' DNA, among other concerns.
Analysis: Biden and G7 Leaders Unserious About COVID Origins, Accountability for China
Townhall: As Katie wrote yesterday, the leaders of the G7 announced their joint endorsement of a follow-up investigation into the origins of the deadly COVID-19 virus, which has killed millions worldwide.
‘Toothless, All Of Them’: Dagen McDowell Mocks G-7 Members Posing For Photos Instead Of Demanding Answers From China
The Daily Caller: Fox Business host Dagen McDowell mocked the members of the G-7 Summit, saying that they posed for photos when they should have been holding China accountable.
Back-to-Back Rebukes of China Mark a Turning Point
The Wall Street Journal: Major democracies rallied together this week to issue extraordinary back-to-back rebukes of Beijing, marking a shift toward collective action and pushing back against President Xi Jinping’s strategies to position China as a global leader.
Chinese Defector Provides More Evidence Chinese Military is Behind COVID-19, Lab Leak
Townhall: Last week, Matt reported on intel that our friends at RedState had, which pointed to information from a Chinese defector who claimed that the Chinese military was working on a series of bioweapons, including COVID-19.
Nato summit: Nato must face up to China’s rise, alliance chief says
BBC: The head of Nato has urged members to respond to China's rise at a summit designed to shore up US support for the Western alliance.
China nuclear plant ‘leak’: US says it is investigating reports of an incident at Guangdong facility
The Independent: The US says it is assessing reports of a leak at China’s Taishan nuclear power plant, after a French company requested support in tackling an “imminent radiological threat”.
Roy introduces bill blocking Chinese Communist Party members from buying US land
The Hill: Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) is introducing a bill on Friday aimed at blocking members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from buying land in the United States.
Hong Kong to censor films ‘endangering national security’
ABC News: Hong Kong censors now have the power to ban films that endanger national security, prompting concerns that freedom of expression is being further curtailed in a city once known for its vibrant arts and film scene.
New details of torture, cover-ups in China’s internment camps revealed in Amnesty International report
NBC News: The prevalence of torture and the lengths to which the Chinese government has gone to cover up its treatment of Muslim minorities are described in comprehensive detail in an Amnesty International report on detention camps in Western China.
Wall Street Journal editorial board: Biden energy policy a gift to Russia, China
Fox News: The Wall Street Journal editorial board argued President Biden's energy policy to lead the U.S. in a retreat from fossil fuels would ultimately be a gift to adversaries Russia and China.
Gov. DeSantis seeks to shield Florida’s universities from Chinese espionage, theft
Fox Business: Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Tuesday to protect higher education institutions in the state from espionage and intellectual property theft carried out by China’s Communist Party.
Tom Cotton on dismissal of lab leak theory: Media, Hollywood ‘deeply in the pocket’ of Communist China
Fox News: Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said part of the widespread media dismissal of the coronavirus lab-leak theory last year stemmed from liberal networks' financial connections to the Chinese government.
Opinion: Hollywood just can’t stop groveling to China
Washington Post: John Cena, star of the new Fast and Furious movie, just issued an abject apology for casually referring to Taiwan as a “country.”
Pompeo slams ‘naive’ Fauci for defending China from COVID origin probe
New York Post: Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is accusing the National Institutes of Health of suppressing intelligence on the origins of the coronavirus, and slamming Dr. Anthony Fauci for running interference for China.
China’s stonewalling of Covid origin probe led Biden to reveal latest intelligence review
NBC: President Joe Biden's decision to announce an intensified 90-day review into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic came about in part because of the Chinese government's refusal to participate in an investigation by the World Health Organization, a source familiar with the decision said.
Joe Biden’s US leaving Pacific ‘naked and exposed’ to communist China
Sky News: Sky News host James Morrow says the US is leaving the Pacific “naked and exposed” to the “depredations” of China's communist People's Liberation Army after reports its sole remaining aircraft carrier in the region is expected to move to the Middle East.
China’s cargo spacecraft docks with space station module
CNN: China's cargo spacecraft, carrying supplies, equipment and propellant, docked with the space station's key module Tianhe on Sunday, the official news agency Xinhua reported.
As China’s Communist Party turns 100, its members’ ‘red genes’ matter more than ever to Beijing
CNN: In party literature and state media, former revolutionary bases are labeled "holy sites," and the almost obligatory visits to such locations by the rank and file are meant to "baptize" members in the Communist "faith."
Top US General Blasts China For ‘Cover-Up’ Of COVID-19 Origins
Daily Caller: The U.S. military’s top general said late Wednesday the evidence for the origins of COVID-19 remains “inconclusive” but blasted the Chinese government for its efforts to “cover-up” the investigation into the virus’ origins.
Liberal journalist trashes media’s dismissal of lab leak coronavirus theory: ‘Catastrophic f—up’
Fox News: Liberal journalist Matthew Yglesias thrashed the mainstream media's widespread dismissal of the Wuhan lab leak coronavirus theory, writing Wednesday it was a "genuinely catastrophic media f---up" that unfairly maligned Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.
Rubio: Wall Street Must Stop Enabling Communist China
Marco Rubio in The American Prospect: Many well-meaning Americans may inadvertently be propping up a genocidal regime because Wall Street does it for them.
John Cena Apologizes to China for Calling Taiwan a Country
NYT: John Cena, the professional wrestler and a star of “F9,” the latest installment in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, apologized to fans in China on Tuesday after he referred to Taiwan as a country while giving a promotional interview.
Sen. Rick Scott: New Cold War – China threat is clear. Here’s how US, allies must respond to defend freedom
Fox News: he malicious and oppressive government of Communist China has shown it’s eager to assert its power across the globe, undermine democracy and human rights, violate U.S. sanctions and prop up dictators.
How Apple, Tim Cook give into China while pushing back against the US
NYP: Free-world CEOs, presidents and prime ministers are now being forced by China to make fundamental choices. Do they stand for free speech, the rule of law and human rights — or for primarily making money?
China’s push for ‘space superiority’ worries nominee for NASA deputy administrator Reports also suggest that China may launch astronauts on a flyby mission to the moon and land people there sometime in the 2020s.
Chinese authorities order video denials by Uyghurs of abuses
AP: China has highlighted an unlikely series of videos this year in which Uyghur men and women deny U.S. charges that Beijing is committing human rights violations against their ethnic group.
I’ll Keep Veterans’ Pensions Safe From Communism
WSJ: If I walked into Byron’s Smokehouse in Auburn, Ala., and asked folks if they’d want their retirement savings invested in Chinese companies, I’d get laughed out of the restaurant. So why would we allow the federal Thrift Savings Plan, which serves approximately six million government employees and retirees, including military veterans, to do just that?
China’s space agency just gave the Communist Party a big 100th birthday gift: a rover on Mars
CNN: China's space agency has an extraordinary gift for the ruling Communist Party's 100th birthday: a rover on Mars.
China uses coercive policies in Xinjiang to drive down Uyghur birth rates, think tank says
Reuters: Coercive policies in China's far western region of Xinjiang have led to a sharp decline in birth rates for Uyghurs and other minorities, which could add to evidence of genocide, an Australian think tank said in a report released on Wednesday.
The Chinese Communists Get American Aid | Opinion
Newsweek: Even though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is likely responsible for the coronavirus pandemic through its cover-up of COVID-19's origins, the communist totalitarian dictatorship has turned this worldwide crisis into a great benefit for itself.
Mosques disappear as China strives to ‘build a beautiful Xinjiang’
Reuters: The Jiaman mosque in the city of Qira, in the far western Chinese region of Xinjiang, is hidden behind high walls and Communist Party propaganda signs, leaving passersby with no indication that it is home to a religious site.
China denounces US appeal for Taiwan to join WHO meeting
AP: China’s government criticized U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday for urging the World Health Organization to invite Taiwan, the island democracy claimed by Beijing as part of its territory, to participate in a meeting this month.
Ernst presses China on whether COVID originated from Wuhan lab: ‘The world deserves answers’
Fox News: Iowa Republican Joni Ernst demanded Saturday that China "stop their cover-up" of the origins of the coronavirus and called for a complete investigation to prevent a "recurrence."
China’s Emissions Now Exceed All the Developed World’s Combined
Bloomberg: China now accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the world’s developed nations combined, according to new research from Rhodium Group.
Chinese Communist Party leveraging India’s COVID-19 surge to boost its own image, new report claims
Fox News: The report highlights several social media posts from Chinese government officials and Communist-Party-run outlets promoting Chinese assistance to India and portraying the United States as stingy with vaccines and aid. China’s Foreign Ministry amplified that message during its daily press conferences.
Inside The CCP’s Effort To Suppress Information
The Federalist: Communist China, Zhong said, uses propaganda to convince its citizens of a false narrative and allows them to make decisions without consequences.
China on campus: Confucius Institutes collapse nationwide
Washington Examiner: The Chinese Communist Party-linked Confucius Institutes are collapsing in the United States, falling from over 100 to just over a couple dozen in a few years thanks to pressure from the Trump administration and growing concern within the U.S. government about the challenge posed by Chinese influence at U.S. colleges and universities.
G7 to discuss decisive action to counter threats like Russia and China
WHBL: Britain will on Tuesday seek to agree decisive action from G7 partners to protect democracies against global threats like those posed by China and Russia.
Chinese Communist Party has ‘declared war’ on American workers: Pompeo
MSN: Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told FOX Business' "Mornings with Maria," on Friday, that the Chinese Communist Party has "declared War" on American workers and there is "no evidence" the Biden administration is prepared to confront the China threat.
Corporations that undermine American values don’t deserve GOP support
NYPost: Multinational firms threaten boycotts over pro-life legislation. Cowardly sports leagues pull events out of states that dare pass legislation they don’t like. Firms like Delta parrot woke talking points, even as they cut deals with China, lending Beijing legitimacy and funding as it commits genocide in Xinjiang.
China’s Newly Launched App Targets Dissenters Against CCP
Christianity Daily: The Chinese Communist Party launched a new app that reportedly targets those who badmouths the party, attempt to question the "official version" of China's history as dictated by the CCP, as well as engage in what the party deems as "misinformation."
China to US: Back Off and Calm Down
Defense One: China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi sent a warning to U.S. leaders on Friday, telling them in a virtual address that their increasingly anti-Chinese words and policies “will cause chaos in the world.”
China’s Communist Party Is Hiding Even More History To Celebrate Its 100th Birthday
The Federalist: In July, the Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its centenary.
Xi Jinping’s culture war comes to China’s campuses as Communist Party prepares to mark 100 years
CNN: When it comes to making history, Beijing's universities have played an outsized role: they were the source of the demonstrations which kicked off the May Fourth Movement, to which the Chinese Communist Party traces its roots, and the Tiananmen Square protests, perhaps the biggest challenge to the CCP since it took power.
China, Russia’s ruling parties meet amid rising US pressure
GT: The Communist Party of China (CPC) and the United Russia party, the ruling political party of Russia, held their ninth meeting of dialogue via video links on Tuesday to communicate and exchange opinions on inter-party cooperation amid the COVID-19 pandemic and rising pressure from the US.
‘Follow the Party Forever’: China Plans a Communist Birthday Bash
NYT: China’s Communist Party is gearing up for a patriotic extravaganza to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding on July 1. Officials are going into overdrive to make sure commemorations go off without a hitch — and hammer home the message that the party alone can restore China to what Beijing considers the country’s rightful place as a global power.
China’s intimidation and endless pursuit of ideological compliance
The Hill: There are many tactics of the Chinese Communist Party’s long-arm intimidation, all of which aim to advance the CCP’s agenda in its endless pursuit of ideological compliance. In addition to corporate intimidation, there is another form of intimidation that deserves more attention — and that is the intimidation of overseas activists by holding their family and loved ones hostage.
Japan vows to support US in opposing ‘coercion’ from China
FT: Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga said the US and Japan would oppose coercion or force in the South and East China Seas, in unusually blunt remarks about China after his summit with Joe Biden.
Michael Waltz: We are in a cold war with the Chinese Communist Party
Florida Politics: Republican U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz said Tuesday that the United States is in a cold war with the Chinese Communist Party waged globally and tactically in small theaters like the Panama Canal and the mountains of western Argentina.
‘Lord of the Rings’ Pulled From China’s Movie Theaters, Replaced by Communist Party Propaganda
Newsweek: The Lord of the Rings has been pulled from China's movie theaters and replaced with a series of pre–Cultural Revolution films, ending just two weeks of a rerelease period for Peter Jackson's epic trilogy.
China launches hotline to report ‘illegal’ comments about Communist party
Guardian: China’s cyber regulator has launched a hotline to report online criticism of the ruling Communist party and its history, vowing to crack down on “historical nihilists” ahead of the party’s 100th anniversary in July.
China builds advanced weapons systems using American chip technology
WP: In a secretive military facility in southwest China, a supercomputer whirs away, simulating the heat and drag on hypersonic vehicles speeding through the atmosphere — missiles that could one day be aimed at a U.S. aircraft carrier or Taiwan, according to former U.S. officials and Western analysts.
China Is Detaining Christians In Secret Facilities Forcing Them To Renounce Their Faith Or Be Tortured: Report
The Daily Wire: The communists reportedly focus mostly on targeting “house churches” that are not members of the CCP-backed Three-Self Patriotic Association, which teaches people a CCP-approved version of Christianity because it views Christianity as a national security threat.
Rubio Blasts MLB Commissioner: Will You Renounce Georgia Golf Membership And Cut Ties With Communists?
The Federalist: “Will Major League Baseball now end its engagement with nations that do not hold elections at all like China and Cuba? Will you end your lucrative financial relationship with Tencent, a company with deep ties to the Communist Party and actively helps the Chinese Government hunt down and silence political dissidents?”
US Sen. Rubio Calls On MLB Commissioner To Give Up Georgia Augusta National Golf Membership
TFP: Noting MLB has no problem conducting business as usual with nations that prohibit democratic elections, like China and Cuba, as well as its partnership with Tencent, a company that facilitates the persecution of dissidents in China, Rubio accused Manfred of engaging in nothing more than woke corporate virtue signaling.
A Good Battery Is the Best Defense Against a Military Assault
WSJ: If China maintains control over the supply chain, it will be able to deny power to advanced U.S. weapons.
Xi Finalizes Hong Kong Election Changes, Cementing China Control
Bloomberg: China finalized a sweeping plan to ensure leaders in Beijing control the outcome of Hong Kong’s elections, a move that could deepen already-fraught relations with Western nations.
U.S. religious-rights official says she is ‘flattered’ to be target of China sanctions
Reuters: A U.S. religious-rights official said she was “flattered” to be the target of Chinese government sanctions stemming from a dispute between the two countries over Beijing’s treatment of Uighur Muslims, which Washington has described as a genocide.
An Alliance of Autocracies? China Wants to Lead a New World Order.
NYT: President Biden wants to forge an “alliance of democracies.” China wants to make clear that it has alliances of its own.
The CCP Is a Threat. Why Won’t the President Call It One?
National Review: No one wants a military conflict, but if calling out an authoritarian regime’s human-rights abuses and international bullying is anything, it is confrontation.
Can the Biden administration stop China?
Washington Examiner: The acrid atmosphere last week in the Captain Cook Hotel of Anchorage, Alaska, with its vivid murals of the 18th-century British seafarer’s discoveries throughout the Pacific, sounds very much like the acrid atmosphere almost exactly 60 years ago in the Beaux Arts U.S. and Soviet embassies in Vienna. Grim, at least for the United States.
How Illicit Oil Is Smuggled Into North Korea With China’s Help
NYT: New satellite images obtained by The New York Times show that China has allowed the New Konk and similar tankers to use its infrastructure and territorial waters to smuggle oil into North Korea, undermining international sanctions.
Taiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force
Reuters: Twenty Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Friday, in the largest incursion yet reported by the island’s defence ministry and marking a dramatic escalation of tension across the Taiwan Strait.
Rubio bill aims to block SBA funds from going to Chinese companies
Washington Examiner: Sen. Marco Rubio introduced on Thursday the Preventing SBA Assistance From Going to China Act, aiming to block any SBA assistance from going to Chinese citizens, with the bill saying that U.S. taxpayer assistance through SBA may not be provided to any small business that is headquartered in China or that has more than 25% of the voting stock of the company owned by affiliates that are citizens of China.
China Is Not a Coronavirus Role Model
WSJ: These claims are misleading. More to the point, neither China nor its style of authoritarian government will help America overcome the crisis, restore economic growth, and protect citizens from infectious diseases.
The American media: the CCP’s useful idiots
Read more at the Spectator There was a shooting spree at several massage parlors outside of Atlanta last week. The killer confessed in custody that his motivation was a combination of religious guilt and sex addiction. But the American media used the occasion to push a race-based explanation for the killings — an explanation that […]
The newest evil empire: Chinese Communist Party
TNonline: Thirty-eight years later at a recent virtual event at the Reagan Institute, Sen. Tom Cotton again resurrected the “evil empire” label, but this time he used it to target the third largest superpower - the Chinese Communist Party.
China Makes It A Crime To Question Military Casualties On The Internet
NPR: The detentions typify the stricter controls over online speech under Chinese leader Xi Jinping, which have deterred nearly all open dissent in the country. The new law even seeks to criminalize speech made outside China.
In First Big China Test, Team Biden Got Rolled…And It’s Painful to Watch
Townhall: Team Biden had their first big foreign policy test with China—and they failed.
Human rights activists call for CCP-free Tufts University
Somerville Times: Amplified sound waves shook the atmosphere on the Tufts University campus as over 100 protestors, including elected officials, organizers, students and supporters of the Free Tibet, East Turkestan, Hong Kong movements, made their grievances known.
China: Xinjiang camps take similar approach to US, UK, France
WSJ: China’s Ambassador to the EU Zhang Ming said on Tuesday that his country's “deradicalization centers” for Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang are “not entirely different” from those found in Britain, France and the U.S.
U.S. Secretaries of State, Defense Push Back Against China in Tokyo Trip
WSJ: Secretary of State Antony Blinken, standing in Tokyo, fired rhetorical salvos at Beijing in a symbolic opening act of the Biden administration’s diplomacy abroad.
Xi Jinping’s Communist Party Will Test the Boundaries of Diplomacy
National Interest: This month Communist China is holding its annual “two sessions,” during which the members of two main political bodies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gather in Beijing to rubber-stamp the new policies and goals set forth by the party.
Bill Maher sounds alarm on China’s dominance over US: ‘They’re eating our lunch’
Fox News: "Real Time" host Bill Maher closed his show Friday night by sounding the alarm on China's growing dominance over the United States.
US Airforce ‘Got Its Ass Handed To It’ In War Game Against Simulated Chinese Attack
Daily Caller: A highly classified war game the United States Air Force (USAF) conducted in Fall 2020 ended with Chinese missiles pounding American bases while China invaded Taiwan, Yahoo News reported Wednesday.
China and Russia unveil joint plan for lunar space station
The Guardian: Russia and China have unveiled plans for a joint lunar space station, with the Russian space agency Roscomos saying it has signed an agreement with China’s National Space Administration (CNSA) to develop a “complex of experimental research facilities created on the surface and/or in the orbit of the moon”.
Chinese foreign minister takes firm tone, calls for ‘non-interference’ between China and the U.S.
CNBC: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sunday that the U.S. needs to remove “unreasonable restrictions” for the two countries’ relationship to move forward under President Joe Biden’s administration.
China has built the world’s largest navy. Now what’s Beijing going to do with it?
CNN: For Xi, the country's most powerful leader since Mao Zedong, the day was a way point to a grand ambition -- a force that would show China's greatness and power across the world's seven oceans.
China-Linked Hack Hits Tens of Thousands of U.S. Microsoft Customers
WSJ: A cyberattack on Microsoft Corp.’s MSFT 2.15% Exchange email software is believed to have infected tens of thousands of businesses, government offices and schools in the U.S., according to people briefed on the matter.
Demanding Loyalty, China Moves to Overhaul Hong Kong Elections
NYT: When Beijing set out last summer to quash resistance to its rule in Hong Kong, it imposed a national security law that empowered the authorities to arrest scores of democracy advocates and sent a chill over the city.
WHO Investigators to Scrap Interim Report on Probe of Covid-19 Origins, Amid U.S.-China Tensions
WSJ: A World Health Organization team investigating the origins of Covid-19 is planning to scrap an interim report on its recent mission to China amid mounting tensions between Beijing and Washington over the investigation and an appeal from one international group of scientists for a new probe.
WHO Defends Appointing US Scientist Mired In Alleged Conflicts Of Interest To Coronavirus Origins Investigation
Daily Caller: The World Health Organization is defending its appointment of a U.S. doctor with prior financial ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) to be a part of its investigative team that probed the origins of COVID-19 in China in early 2021.
Marsha Blackburn Warns Biden to Ensure WHO Investigation Is ‘Free From Conflict of Interest’
Townhall: Representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) are currently investigating the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan, and Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is urging President Biden to ensure that the probe is “free from conflicts of interest.”
U.S. to Take Hard Line on Chinese Trade Practices, Administration Says
WSJ: The Biden administration said Monday it will use “all available tools” to respond to alleged unfair trading practices by Beijing as it conducts a comprehensive review of its trade policy with China.
Senate Confirms Biden’s UN Ambassador Nominee Who Sympathized with the Chinese Communist Party
Townhall: The Senate confirmed President Biden’s nominee to serve as Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Linda Thomas-Greenfield. She received bipartisan support, with a vote of 78-20 on Tuesday afternoon.
GOP Lawmakers Demand Investigation Into National Institutes Of Health’s Relationship With Wuhan Lab
Daily Caller: Dozens of Republican members of Congress wrote a letter to National Institutes of Health Acting Inspector General Christi Grimm on Tuesday demanding a “prompt and thorough investigation” into the NIH’s relationship with a Chinese lab that studied coronaviruses.
Hong Kong’s new loyalty oath requires all lawmakers to love China — and the Communist Party
CNN: What does it mean to be a patriot in modern China? Can someone love the country while opposing the ruling Communist Party?
AG nominee Merrick Garland passes on saying whether Chinese Communist Party a US ‘enemy’
Fox News: Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland concurred Monday with the U.S. intelligence community’s view that China is a "threat" in certain ways to U.S. interests but declined to say whether he views the country’s leadership in Beijing as an enemy.
Xi’s homework for all: studying ‘correct’ Communist Party history
Nikkei Asia: On Saturday morning, I visited Xiangshan, a western Beijing suburb known for vibrant fall foliage. My destination was Shuangqing Villa, where Communist China's founding father Mao Zedong spent half a year until the People's Republic was founded in October 1949.
Jake Sullivan Casts Doubt On WHO’s Wuhan Report, Says China Has Withheld Raw Data
Daily Caller: National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Sunday cast doubt on a forthcoming report from the World Health Organization’s investigation in Wuhan, China into the origins of the coronavirus.
Trump National Security Official Says Evidence For Wuhan Lab Error ‘Far Outweighs’ Other Theories
Daily Caller: Matt Pottinger, who served as deputy national security adviser under former President Donald Trump, said Sunday that the evidence that the coronavirus resulted from human error in a Chinese lab “far outweighs” other theories about the origins of the pandemic.
‘Politics, Not Science’: Scientists Cast Doubt On China’s Story Of COVID-19
Daily Caller: The World Health Organization recently concluded its six-week investigation into the origins of the coronavirus, but some of its conclusions, including that the virus did not jump to humans before December 2019 and that it was “extremely unlikely” that it originated in a lab, have solicited skepticism from scientists.
Biden says U.S. and Europe must push back against China’s economic ‘abuses and coercion’
CNBC: President Joe Biden said Friday that the U.S. and its international partners must hold China to account for its economic practices.
WHO COVID-19 Investigator Tried To Hide Involvement In Pro-China Statement, Email Reveals
Daily Caller: A World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 investigator tried to hide his involvement in organizing a pro-China statement to condemn the “lab-leak theory” as a “conspiracy theory,” a newly revealed email shows
CNN Exclusive: WHO Wuhan mission finds possible signs of wider original outbreak in 2019
CNN: Investigators from the World Health Organization (WHO) looking into the origins of coronavirus in China have discovered signs the outbreak was much wider in Wuhan in December 2019 than previously thought, and are urgently seeking access to hundreds of thousands of blood samples from the city that China has not so far let them examine.
Biden team calls on China to provide all data on COVID-19 outbreak
The Hill: The White House is calling on China to release all the data it has pertaining to the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak amid reports the Chinese government has refused to turn over key information to World Health Organization (WHO) investigators.
Biden White House Silently Nixes Trump Initiative Tracking Chinese Influence in US Education System
Townhall: Well, if you’re Beijing, this is welcome news. It’s nothing earth-shattering, but any Trump policy aimed at curbing Chinese influence in America would probably be a breath of fresh air now that the Biden administration has taken over, right?
Fact Check: Did Biden Revoke a Trump Ban on Chinese Communist Propaganda in Schools?
Newsweek: Supporters of a policy signed by President Donald Trump at the 11th hour of his term are denouncing President Joe Biden for withdrawing the order, a move they claimed will allow the Chinese Communist Party to disseminate propaganda in U.S. schools.
Merkel under fire for failing to choose sides between communist China and capitalist US
Fox News: President Biden’s government has been outmaneuvered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on critical security fronts, Richard Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence for the Trump administration, told Fox News.
Did an NYT Columnist Really Say These Two Things Are What Makes China Better than the US?
Apparently, the "China good, America bad" narrative he constructed here is solely based on the fact that our main economic and military rival has fast trains and no Republicans.
China’s push to control Americans’ health care future
For all the polarization that grips Washington, here's a source of rare consensus: the emerging threat of China's push to acquire our health care data, including the DNA of American citizens.
U.S. and China top diplomats talk tough on Myanmar and Taiwan in tense first call since Biden took office
CNBC: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has called for China to condemn the military coup in Myanmar and warned Beijing that Washington will work with its allies to hold the People’s Republic accountable for what he described as its efforts to threaten international stability particularly in the Taiwan Strait.
Chinese users flock to U.S. chat app Clubhouse, evading censors
Reuters: Private social audio app Clubhouse is attracting masses of new users from mainland China, where the U.S. app remains uncensored by authorities despite flourishing discussions on rights, national identity and other sensitive topics.
China is underreporting coronavirus numbers to ‘extend political influence’: CCP expert
Fox: Since the initial outbreak, China has reported a little more than 100,000 positive coronavirus cases and 4,820 overall deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data.
Pompeo: Sanctions from China are a ‘message’ to Biden administration
Fox Business: “The sanctions that took place were intended to do a single thing, it was to send a message to the next administration, the Biden administration, that says if you’re serious about protecting America, American sovereignty, American jobs, American wealth …you will be punished,” he said on "Mornings With Maria."
Fake accounts gain traction as they praise China, mock US
AP News: A pro-China network of fake and imposter accounts found a global audience on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to mock the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the deadly riot in Washington that left five dead, new research published Thursday found.
Pro-China propaganda campaign exploits U.S. divisions in videos emphasizing Capitol attack
The Washington Post: “Their greatest asset has been American division,” said Ben Nimmo, director of investigations at Graphika, a network analysis firm that produced Thursday’s report. “Bad news for America has been good news for them. Because the overall narrative they’ve been building is China’s rising and America’s falling.”
China accused of trying to indoctrinate American children
Read more at Fox News Blackburn, and others, are taking aim at a Chinese educational program that is taught in some of our nation’s elementary and high schools, known as Confucius classrooms. The lessons are backed by Beijing’s Confucius Institute, a global educational program that has been widespread in U.S. universities. However, some of the […]
WHO team heads to China bat lab at the center of coronavirus conspiracies
CNN: The WHO investigators began research in the central Chinese city last week, after a 14-day quarantine and bureaucratic delays. Their work has been subject to intense scrutiny and political pressure from both within China and outside the country.
New chart shows China could overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest economy earlier than expected
CNBC: China is set to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy a few years earlier than anticipated due to the coronavirus pandemic, analysts said.
China arrests more than 80 people in ‘fake vaccine’ ring crackdown
CNN: China has said it is cracking down on a crime ring making "fake vaccines" for Covid-19 that has been running since September, state media report.
China’s push to control Americans’ health care future
CBS News - 60 Minutes: Early last March, the state of Washington was the site of the first major coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. As COVID rates and the need for tests were spiking, BGI Group, the world's largest biotech firm - a global giant based in China - approached the state of Washington with an enticing offer.
Thousands flee Hong Kong for UK, fearing China crackdown
AP News: Some are leaving because they fear punishment for supporting the pro-democracy protests that swept the former British colony in 2019. Others say China’s encroachment on their way of life and civil liberties has become unbearable, and they want to seek a better future for their children abroad. Most say they don’t plan to ever go back.
China strategies bloom in Washington
Axios: The actions the U.S. and its allies choose to take over the next few years could make the difference between a world made safer for autocracy or one in which human rights and liberal ideals still have a fighting chance.
Why Intel’s troubles should concern us all
Axios: Warning bells are sounding for the U.S. semiconductor industry as Intel grapples with internal and competitive challenges that could imperil the future of domestic chipmaking.
Op-Ed: Biden must draw red lines against China and focus on Xi Jinping’s authoritarian leadership
CNBC: However, what has stirred even greater debate is the paper’s singular focus on China’s leader and his behavior, who since his rise to power in 2013 has made the country more assertive externally and more repressive internally, most recently stepping up restrictions on private businesses and strengthening the role of state enterprises.
WHO investigators visit Wuhan market in hunt for virus origin
The Hill: Members of a World Health Organization (WHO) delegation investigating the origin of COVID-19 on Sunday visited a market in Wuhan, China where many of the first infections were reported in late 2019.
Opinion: China is exploiting U.S. capital markets and workers. Here’s what Biden should do.
The Washington Post: For starters, Biden should keep or improve Trump’s executive order to prohibit U.S. investments in Chinese firms on the Defense Department list of Communist Chinese military companies. The decision of whether to side with American workers, service members and mom-and-pop investors or Beijing and payouts for Wall Street investment bankers should be easy.
China is rehearsing for when it overtakes America
CNN: China wants to lead the global recovery from the pandemic and become more influential on the world stage than ever before. It might just have the momentum — and the confidence — to pull that plan off.
Those Bombers China Sent Toward Taiwan? They Were A Dress Rehearsal For War
Forbes: But if Chinese president Xi Jinping pulled the trigger and ordered the PLA to attack Taiwan, the air force certainly would launch more than eight bombers. There are more than 200 H-6s in PLAAF and People’s Liberation Army Navy Air Force service. It’s safe to assume many of them would take part in any air war over Taiwan, which probably also would involve strikes on U.S. bases in the region.
Pompeo: Chinese Communist Party looking for a ‘soft underbelly’ in Biden’s administration
Fox News: The Chinese Communist Party is looking for the "soft underbelly" of the Biden administration in the hope of achieving a series of endeavors Donald Trump stymied as president, according to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Biden’s commerce secretary pick pledges a tough line on China but doesn’t detail how she’d deal with Huawei
The Washington Post: In a Senate confirmation hearing, President Biden’s nominee to run the Commerce Department said she plans to be “very aggressive” in combating China’s “unfair” trade practices, but she declined to detail how she would handle issues such as Chinese tech giant Huawei or the steel and aluminum tariffs imposed under President Donald Trump.
China threatens war as Joe Biden continues the outreach to Taiwan
The Hill: The air exercises also sent a warning to the Biden administration. It did not take long for the Biden team to push back. The State Department on Saturday issued a statement calling on China to “cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s democratically elected representatives.” It pointedly declared America’s “commitment to Taiwan is rock solid.”
China’s Communist Party pushes dangerous fringe Covid theories as it feels pressure of WHO probe
The Independent: China’s ruling Communist Party has ramped up its efforts to change the narrative around the origin of Covid-19, with the country’s state media now amplifying doubts over the Pfizer vaccine even as Beijing faces pressure of a World Health Organisation (WHO) probe.
The U.S. Government Shouldn’t Send Communist China Americans’ DNA And Health Info
The Federalist: Some have referred to BGI as the “Huawei of genomics” — an apt parallel given the essential role both companies play in helping China dominate strategically significant sectors that threaten the national security of the United States.
The World Deserves Answers From China
The New York Times: Alas, the Chinese Communist Party has consistently demonstrated that it is far more concerned with maintaining some myth of infallibility than with helping find the source of the scourge. In doing so, it is obstructing efforts to prevent other pandemics and endangering all humanity.
China and WHO acted too slowly to contain Covid-19, says independent panel
CNN: China and the World Health Organization (WHO) could have acted quicker and more forcefully to contain the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, an independent review panel said on Monday.
Biden admin condemns ‘unproductive and cynical’ Chinese sanctions against Trump officials
The Hill: President Biden’s administration condemned China’s Inauguration Day sanctions against former Trump officials, calling them “unproductive and cynical.”
China is hitting back at criticism of its vaccines with a dangerous disinformation campaign
CNN: But with Chinese medical company Sinovac facing questions over the efficacy of its coronavirus shot, the country's propaganda apparatus has apparently forgotten Xi's comments. Instead, it is choosing to attack other vaccines -- a dangerous gambit that could risk undermining overall confidence in mass vaccinations just as the world desperately needs people to get inoculated.
Genocide in Xinjiang
The Wall Street Journal: The Chinese Communist Party, like other authoritarian regimes, has never cherished human life. That’s clear from the well-known horrors the party inflicted on the Chinese people during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen Square massacre and the decades of repression of Tibetans and Falun Gong practitioners. Yet the free world has become dangerously inured to this bloody history. So long as we remain silent, party elites will continue to commit human-rights abuses against the people of China with impunity. We cannot allow this cycle of evil to continue.
Chinese Communist Party an ‘existential’ threat that Biden must confront: Pompeo
Fox News: Outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pressed the incoming Biden administration on Tuesday to take the Chinese Communist Party seriously as an "existential" threat to the country, saying the "American people are counting on it."
US Becomes First Nation To Designate Communist China’s Treatment Of Uighurs As ‘Genocide’
The Federalist: In a historic decision, the United States officially declared on Tuesday that the Chinese Communist Party is committing genocide against the Uighurs, a minority Muslim population located in the Xinjiang province in China.
Biden would do the world a favor by keeping Trump’s China policy
The Washington Post: The Biden administration should begin its China policy review by recognizing that the United States did not cause CCP aggression and that CCP aggression is not just a U.S. problem. The CCP is a threat to the free world: The choice for other nations is not between Washington and Beijing but between sovereignty and servitude.
Pompeo says China’s policies on Muslims amount to ‘genocide’
The Associated Press: “After careful examination of the available facts, I have determined that since at least March 2017, the People’s Republic of China, under the direction and control of the Chinese Communist Party, has committed crimes against humanity against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other members of ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang,” Pompeo said in a statement.
U.S. and China clash at WHO over scientific mission in Wuhan
Reuters: The United States called on China on Monday to allow an expert team from the World Health Organization (WHO) to interview “care givers, former patients and lab workers” in the central city of Wuhan, drawing a rebuke from Beijing.
U.S. Adds Chinese Phone Maker Xiaomi To Military Blacklist
Forbes: The Department of Defense on Thursday added nine more companies to its list of alleged Chinese military companies, including Xiaomi, which recently overtook Apple to become the world’s third largest phone maker.
U.S. commission says China possibly committed ‘genocide’ against Xinjiang Muslims
Reuters: China has possibly committed “genocide” in its treatment of Uighurs and other minority Muslims in its western region of Xinjiang, a bipartisan commission of the U.S. Congress said in a report on Thursday.
China’s pressure and propaganda – the reality of reporting Xinjiang
BBC: In addition to the heavy restrictions it places on foreign journalists trying to report the truth about its far western region of Xinjiang, China has a new tactic: labelling independent coverage as "fake news".
The Ever Longer Arm of China’s Communist Party
Bloomberg Businessweek: It’s widely known that China’s government exerts strong control over state-owned enterprises. What’s less known is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has vastly increased its influence over privately owned companies since President Xi Jinping came to power in 2012.
Slaves in China may have made your sneakers, smartphone
New York Post: Activists have accused the Communist regime of being engaged in the world’s biggest forced labor outrage since the Nazis.
The World Cannot Ignore Beijing’s Assault on Uighurs and Christians | Opinion
Newsweek: At the outset of 2021, few Americans understand the disturbing degree to which Christians and Uighur Muslims in China are persecuted and how Beijing's ongoing assault on these communities constitutes one of the primary human rights tragedies taking place today.
The New York Times Keeps Imitating A Chinese Propaganda Outlet
The Federalist: The columnist’s Communist Party-legitimizing assertion comes in the context of an article almost singularly devoted to cheerleading. It portrays a China that is open, thriving, and vibrant while the free world is largely closed — suffering from the coronavirus that the CCP covered up and helped spread.
Scoop: Biden inaugural returns cash from ex-senator-turned-foreign agent
Axios: President-elect Joe Biden’s inaugural committee will refund a donation from former Sen. Barbara Boxer after the California Democrat registered as a foreign agent for a Chinese surveillance firm accused of abetting the country’s mass internment of Uighur Muslims, officials tell Axios.
Pompeo slams Chinese Communist Party for sentencing journalist who reported on coronavirus to 4 years in jail
Fox News: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned China’s sentencing of a journalist who reported on COVID-19 to four years in prison, saying that the Chinese Communist Party will do "whatever it takes" to silence those who question it.
‘Our souls are dead’: how I survived a Chinese ‘re-education’ camp for Uighurs
The Guardian: Persuaded that we were enemies to be beaten down – traitors and terrorists – they took away our freedom. They locked us up like animals somewhere away from the rest of the world, out of time: in camps.
Hunter Biden reportedly still owns 10 percent stake in Chinese firm
New York Post: President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden still owns a 10 percent stake in an investment firm he formed with institutions owned by the Chinese Communist Party.
A Year After Wuhan, China Tells a Tale of Triumph (and No Mistakes)
The New York Times: China has spent much of the past year trying to spin the narrative of the pandemic as an undisputed victory led by the ruling Communist Party. The state-run news media has largely ignored the government’s missteps and portrayed China’s response as proof of the superiority of its authoritarian system, especially compared to that of the United States and other democracies, which are still struggling to contain raging outbreaks.
New York Times accused of ‘shilling for communist China’ with glowing piece about freedoms amid coronavirus
Fox News: The New York Times was roasted on Monday evening for publishing a glowing story about China that was quickly labeled "propaganda" by critics, as many readers pointed out that the liberal newspaper doesn’t seem to mind pro-communist features but an op-ed by a Republican lawmaker caused chaos inside the newsroom.
Communist China Is Preparing To Eat Joe Biden’s Lunch
Newsweek: Clearly, Beijing would only deliver such a message if it believed it had a willing partner. That partner would be Joe Biden, the vessel of America's globalist ruling class who spent his career at the highest levels of government cheering on a vision much in line with China's own.
Chinese censorship invades the U.S. via WeChat
The Washington Post: Zhou Fengsuo, a leader of the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising, hoped to leave Chinese censorship behind when he fled to the United States and became a U.S. citizen. But Chinese censors have caught up with him, through the social-networking service WeChat.
Xi Jinping’s China and Hitler’s Germany: Growing parallels
The Hill: Atop its masthead, the Washington Post warns that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” That may be true in certain instances, but democracy can also die in direct sunlight, right before our eyes. It’s been happening for months in Hong Kong.
With Mass Arrests, Beijing Exerts an Increasingly Heavy Hand in Hong Kong
The New York Times: Within a few hours on Wednesday, the Hong Kong police had arrested 53 people, searched 76 places and frozen $200,000 of assets in connection with an informal primary for the pro-democracy camp — all under the auspices of Beijing’s new national security law. In one swoop, the authorities rounded up not only some of the most aggressive critics of the Hong Kong government but also little-known figures who had campaigned on far less political issues, in one of the most forceful shows of power in the Chinese Communist Party’s continuing crackdown on the city.
Fauci sees greater China role in COVID-19 spread, one year on
Axios: A lack of transparency by Chinese officials — particularly about the novel coronavirus' transmission and the obstruction of a top U.S. scientist from investigating it — played a significant role in allowing COVID-19 to spread outside China, NIAID director Anthony Fauci tells Axios.
NYSE’s Second-Guessing on China Delistings Sows Confusion
Bloomberg: The New York Stock Exchange is considering reversing course a second time to delist three major Chinese telecommunications firms after conferring further with senior authorities on how to interpret an executive order Trump issued Nov. 12, according to people familiar with the matter. Lawyers said the drama, whipsawing markets in recent days, is exposing the ambiguities of the government’s instructions.
Trump Bans Alipay and 7 Other Chinese Apps
The New York Times: President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order prohibiting transactions with eight Chinese software applications, including Alipay, the payment platform owned by Ant Group, and WeChat Pay, which is owned by Tencent.
China doubles down on COVID narrative as WHO investigation looms
Reuters: As a team from the World Health Organization (WHO) prepares to visit China to investigate the origins of COVID-19, Beijing has stepped up efforts not only to prevent new outbreaks, but also shape the narrative about when and where the pandemic began.
The New York Times Is Now Officially Chinese Communist Propaganda
The Federalist: The New York Times has a long, sordid history of being in bed with brutal authoritarian regimes. From Walter Duranty praising the goodness of the Soviet Union to the Times’ gentle treatment of Adolf Hitler, the paper of record is always on board with tyranny. The current generation of gatekeepers at the Gray Lady is no exception. In a shocking and sickening article this week, author Li Yuan celebrates Chinese “freedom.”
Saved from slaughter in China, 20 golden retrievers land at MIA, meet new owners
WSVN 7News Miami: Nearly two dozen golden retrievers who were saved from slaughter and meat markets in China have landed at Miami International Airport to meet their new families and head to their new “fur-ever” homes.
Federal prosecutors accuse Zoom executive of working with Chinese government to surveil users and suppress video calls
The Washington Post: A security executive with the video-tech giant Zoom worked with the Chinese government to terminate Americans’ accounts and disrupt video calls about the 1989 massacre of pro-democracy activists in Tiananmen Square, Justice Department prosecutors said Friday.
NYSE to Delist China’s Major Telecom Operators
The Wall Street Journal: The New York Stock Exchange will delist China’s three large telecom carriers, after a U.S. government order barring Americans from investing in companies it says help the Chinese military.
China is showing its true — and ugly — colors again
New York Post: Showing its true colors again this week, the Chinese Communist Party sentenced its first citizen journalist to hard time — for reporting the truth about the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan.
Biden Appointees Are Weak on China | Opinion
Newsweek: Last month, Communist China's former vice minister for foreign affairs, Fu Ying, made clear what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hopes to see from a potential Biden administration: a "join hands and cooperate" approach, one that doesn't "point a finger at the Chinese system or take action against Beijing for its policies on domestic matters."
Gen. Jack Keane: Biden must be ‘willing to confront the Chinese Communist Party’
Fox: New reports confirm China lied about the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, making the question of how the incoming Biden administration will hold Beijing accountable an urgent one, Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane told "America's Newsroom" Monday.
Trump Signs Bill That Could Remove Chinese Stocks From U.S.
Bloomberg: President Donald Trump on Friday signed legislation that could kick Chinese companies off of U.S. exchanges unless American regulators can review their financial audits, a move likely to further escalate tensions between the two countries.
Chinese Executive at U.S. Video Conference Company Spied on Users for CCP
National Review: A Chinese national who worked as an executive for an unnamed U.S. video conferencing company spied on users of the company’s platform for the Chinese Communist Party’s intelligence services, the Justice Department announced Friday.
China undermining human rights by locking up rights lawyers, UN independent expert says
UN News: “Fundamental human rights are not a threat to any Government or society, and neither are the individuals who defend those rights. I urge the Chinese authorities to release at once Chang Weiping and all other detained and disappeared human rights defenders.”
Apple TV Was Making a Show About Gawker. Then Tim Cook Found Out.
The New York Times: So far, Apple TV+ is the only streaming studio to bluntly explain its corporate red lines to creators — though Disney, with its giant theme park business in China, shares Apple’s allergy to antagonizing China’s leader, Xi Jinping.
Huawei worked on several surveillance systems promoted to identify ethnicity, documents show
The Washington Post: The revelation this week of Huawei’s role in testing artificial-intelligence surveillance technology — including a face-scanning camera system that could send a “Uighur alarm” to police if it detected a member of the minority group — has sparked an international backlash against the tech giant, including from a French soccer star who publicly ended his work as a Huawei brand ambassador and urged the company to “condemn this mass repression.”
How the Chinese Communist Party Robs Children of Their Religious Faith
The Daily Signal: The government has separated children from their parents and has threatened to beat the children if the parents do not renounce their faith. Government authorities have even threatened parents of adopted children that they will forcibly take away those children, return them to their original families, or put them up for adoption again if the family does not give up its beliefs.
Revealed: China suspected of spying on Americans via Caribbean phone networks
The Guardian: China appears to have used mobile phone networks in the Caribbean to surveil US mobile phone subscribers as part of its espionage campaign against Americans, according to a mobile network security expert who has analysed sensitive signals data.
Chinese authorities detain Bloomberg News staff member
Axios: Chinese authorities have detained Haze Fan, a Chinese national and Bloomberg News staff member working for their Beijing bureau, on suspicion of national security endangerment, Bloomberg reported on Friday.
Major leak ‘exposes’ members and ‘lifts the lid’ on the Chinese Communist Party
Sky News: A major leak containing a register with the details of nearly two million CCP members has occurred – exposing members who are now working all over the world, while also lifting the lid on how the party operates under Xi Jinping, says Sharri Markson.
Mark Levin slams Biden’s top Cabinet picks as ‘appeasers of China’
Fox: “The fact of the matter is, the people that Biden would bring into office -- from his secretary of state to his director of national intelligence to his education secretary -- they're all appeasers of China,” Levin told “Hannity.”
McCarthy calls Swalwell a ‘national security threat,’ says Pelosi, Schiff must remove him from Intel Committee
Fox: "This is a national security threat," McCarthy said. "Now we have Eric Swalwell, who's been swindled by the Chinese, but what's even more interesting here is why did he attack the American Director of Intelligence John Ratcliffe's report talking about the expansion of China spying throughout … just last week. He attacked … Ratcliffe defending China."
Pompeo unloads on US universities for China ties
AP: “Americans must know how the CCP is poisoning the well of our higher education for its own ends, and how those actions degrade our freedoms and our national security. If we don’t educate ourselves, we’ll get schooled by Beijing,” he said. “They know that left-leaning college campuses are rife with anti-Americanism, and present easy target audiences for their anti-American messaging.”
Communist China Cynically Weaponizes Race To Help Democrats Smear Republican Senator
The Federalist: Communist China appears to be targeting Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn for calling out China’s moral bankruptcy, including enslaving Uyghur Muslims in the northwest province of Xinjiang.
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Crackdown
The New York Times: The United States imposed travel bans and other sanctions on 14 high-level Chinese officials over the continuing crackdown on the opposition in Hong Kong, as the police in the Chinese territory arrested more pro-democracy figures on Tuesday.
Biden Thinks He’s Tough on China. He’s Just Complacent.
Foreign Policy: The conventional wisdom is wrong. There is a fundamental choice to be made on how to deal with China, and Biden is very close to picking one alternative. There’s good reason to fear it’s the wrong one.
Tucker Carlson: Our elites’ collusion with China is real and widespread
Fox: In fact, top leaders in American government and business have been compromised by a foreign power that seeks to undermine our country and our democratic system. It turns out that many of the very people who ranted so hysterically about Russia were doing precisely what they claimed to decry. They were working on behalf of our chief global rival, the government of China.
Threat to remove Chinese firms from Wall Street is now on Trump’s desk
CNN: The US government is just one step away from enacting a law that could kick several Chinese firms off Wall Street, further escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.
Senate leaders warn of China’s ‘insidious’ hostility toward US and allies
Washington Examiner: U.S. and allied governments are entering a “watershed moment” in international politics due to China’s attempt to achieve supremacy, according to Senate Intelligence Committee leaders.
Exclusive: U.S. preparing new sanctions on Chinese officials over Hong Kong crackdown – sources
Reuters: The United States is preparing to impose sanctions on at least a dozen Chinese officials over their alleged role in Beijing’s disqualification of elected opposition legislators in Hong Kong, according to three sources, including a U.S. official familiar with the matter.
As China nears a coronavirus vaccine, bribery cloud hangs over drugmaker Sinovac
The Washington Post: Sinovac is now seeking to supply its coronavirus vaccine to developing nations, from Brazil to Turkey to Indonesia. While graft and weak transparency have long plagued China’s pharmaceutical industry, seldom has the reliability of a single drug vendor from the country mattered this much to the rest of the world.
Intel Chief: China Targeting Members Of Congress As Part Of ‘Massive Influence Campaign’
Daily Caller: John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence, said Thursday that the Chinese government is targeting multiple members of Congress as part of a “massive” foreign influence campaign.
Rubio, Warner Joint Statement on National Security Threat Posed by China
Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator for Florida: Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Acting Chairman Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Vice Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) released the following joint statement regarding the challenge posed to the United States by the Chinese government and Communist Party.
Top general: U.S. losing time to deter China
Axios: Stanley McChrystal, a top retired general and Biden adviser, tells Axios that "China's military capacity has risen much faster than people appreciate," and the U.S. is running out of time to counterbalance that in Asia and prevent a scenario such as it seizing Taiwan.
Chinese researchers quit America while agents target Biden team, U.S. officials say
NBC: More than 1,000 Chinese researchers have left the United States amid a U.S. crackdown on alleged technology theft, top U.S. security officials said on Wednesday, adding that Chinese agents had already been targeting the incoming Biden administration.
Rubio blasts Twitter for inaction on Chinese official’s tweet with doctored image of Australian soldier
Fox News: Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., took aim at Twitter Tuesday for its inaction against the spread of disinformation by a Chinese government official on its platform.
NATO chief warns: ‘China is investing massively in new weapons’
Washington Examiner: “China is investing massively in new weapons,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday. “It is coming closer to us, from the Arctic to Africa, and by investing in our infrastructure.”
Chinese Sociologist Celebrates Wuhan Coronavirus and the ‘Death of America’
Townhall: During a recent speech at the 2020 Shenzhen Forum, famous Chinese sociologist Dr. Li Yi celebrated Wuhan coronavirus and said the disease has been beneficial to China by destroying the United States of America.
The Wuhan files: Leaked documents reveal China’s mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19
CNN: This larger figure was never fully revealed at that time, as China's accounting system seemed, in the tumult of the early weeks of the pandemic, to downplay the severity of the outbreak.
US sanctions Chinese company for conducting business with Maduro regime
The Hill: The Trump administration on Monday imposed sanctions on a Chinese company, alleging that it was supporting Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro in undermining the country's democracy, including restricting internet access and conducting digital surveillance of the regime's political opponents.
‘Trump Is Better’: In Asia, Pro-Democracy Forces Worry About Biden
The New York Times: Human rights activists and religious leaders in Vietnam and Myanmar are expressing reservations about President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s ability to keep authoritarians in check.
US affirms ‘Taiwan’s freedom and independence’ despite China’s sovereignty claims
Washington Examiner: A senior State Department official voiced support for “Taiwan’s freedom and independence” in an unusually emphatic sign of disregard for Beijing’s claim to sovereignty over the island democracy.
Pope Decries Plight of Chinese Uighurs as New Catholic Bishop Is Ordained in China
The Wall Street Journal: The Catholic Church in China ordained its first bishop since Beijing and the Vatican renewed an agreement on episcopal appointments last month. But Monday’s sign of better relations between Rome and Beijing was followed swiftly by friction over Pope Francis’s first criticism of China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims.
Pope Calls Uighurs ‘Persecuted,’ Prompting Pushback From China
The New York Times: A comment from Pope Francis in an upcoming book — in which he called ethnic Uighurs in western China a “persecuted” people for the first time — has set the Chinese government on the defense.
Chinese Government Tells Churches to Worship the Communist Party or be Closed
CBN News: In its continuing effort to remove Christianity from the country, the Chinese government is turning churches into propaganda centers for the regime.
Pro-Democracy Activists Taken Into Custody After Pleading Guilty To Inciting And Organizing Protests
Daily Caller: Three Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were arrested Monday after pleading guilty to organizing an anti-government protest last year.
China’s tech authoritarianism too big to contain
POLITICO: If the global community doesn’t come together, China will assume economic dominance of Artificial Intelligence applications, be in a position to spy on much of the world, and leverage international organizations to “make the world as a whole safe for authoritarianism,” according to the Halifax Report.
Beijing-Controlled News Outlet Paid US Newspapers Millions To Publish Propaganda This Year
Daily Caller: An English-language newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda department paid U.S. media companies nearly $2 million for printing and advertising expenses over the past six months, even amid heightened scrutiny over Beijing’s disinformation efforts in the West.
When China’s predatory investments go unnoticed
DefenseNews: This is just one example of a disturbing trend that is happening across this nation as companies and Americans continue to struggle amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and a key example for why Congress must pass H.R. 6706.
Chinese Communist Party, hyper nationalism raising threat level, report says
The Washington Times: “The communism that the [Chinese Communist Party] professes is more than a mode of authoritarian domestic governance,” the report said. “It is also a theory of a globe-spanning universal society, the ultimate goal of which is to bring about a socialist international order.”
State Department warns incoming Biden administration of China’s intent to be top world power
Fox News: “The CCP’s recklessness in allowing the novel coronavirus born in Wuhan to develop into a global pandemic, coupled with the concerted disinformation campaign that Beijing undertook to conceal China’s culpability, should put doubts to rest,” according to the document.
How the Dream of Hong Kong Democracy Was Dimmed
New York Times: Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers said Wednesday they would resign en masse to protest Beijing’s growing control over the local legislature, one of the last remaining centers of dissent in the Chinese city.
Trump bans investments in companies that White House says aid China’s military
CNBC: That investment “continues to allow the PRC to directly threaten the United States homeland and United States forces overseas, including by developing and deploying weapons of mass destruction, advanced conventional weapons, and malicious cyber-enabled actions against the United States and its people.”
China Targets Hong Kong’s Lawmakers as It Squelches Dissent
The New York Times: China moved on Wednesday to quash one of the last vestiges of democracy and dissent in Hong Kong, forcing the ouster of four pro-democracy lawmakers from their elected offices in a purge that prompted the rest of the opposition to vow to resign en masse.
Hong Kong opposition lawmakers all quit after four members ousted
The Guardian: The measure, passed by China’s highest legislative body on Wednesday, bars anyone from Hong Kong’s legislative council who supports independence, refuses to recognise Beijing’s sovereignty over Hong Kong, seeks help from “foreign countries or foreign forces to interfere in the affairs of the region” or commits “other acts that endanger national security”.
Keep watch on a growing, threatening China before it’s too late
The Washington Examiner: Deng Xiaoping's motto: “Hide your strength and bide your time,” has proven to be indeed farsighted. If the public approach to communist China doesn’t change rapidly, we will witness a global shift in power that could alter the lives of people in the West as fundamentally as they haven’t been changed since 1945 and the end of World War II.
China Threatens to Detain Americans if U.S. Prosecutes Chinese Scholars
The New York Times: Chinese officials have told the Trump administration that security officers in China might detain American citizens if the Justice Department proceeds with prosecutions of arrested scholars who are members of the Chinese military, American officials said.
There’s Chinese interference on both sides of the 2020 election
The Washington Post: Chinese interference in the 2020 election is meant to sow discord in the U.S. political system, much like Russia’s disinformation campaign in 2016. But the Chinese efforts are more sophisticated — and more complex. There are multiple Chinese interference campaigns that include actors outside the government, who profess to be fighting against the Chinese Communist Party but may be doing its bidding at the same time.
US senators seek to declare Uighur ‘genocide’ by China in bipartisan push
The Guardian: US senators have sought to declare that China is committing genocide against Uighurs and other Turkic-speaking Muslims, a step that could increase pressure on Beijing over the plight of an estimated one million-plus people being held in detention camps.
Maria Bartiromo Takes On China In Latest Book, ‘The Cost’
Forbes: “I think right now the biggest challenge of what the U.S. is facing in terms of standing up to China is the corporate sector,” she told me.
Vatican Extends Deal With China Over Appointment of Bishops
The New York Times: The Vatican said on Thursday that it had extended an agreement with Beijing over the appointment of bishops in China, weeks after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to the Vatican on an unsuccessful mission to kill it.
China’s Xi Jinping delivers thinly-veiled swipe at US during Korean War anniversary speech
CNN: Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned that "blackmailing, blocking and extreme pressure" will lead to "nowhere but a dead end" in a thinly-veiled attack on the United States, during a speech commemorating China's entry into the Korean War 70 years ago.
China’s treatment of Uighurs amounts to ‘genocide,’ parliamentary subcommittee concludes
The Star: “Nearly two million Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims are being detained, including men, women, and children as young as 13 years old,” the subcommittee said in a news release. “Witnesses noted that this is the largest mass detention of a minority community since the Holocaust.”
Chinese Communist Party seeks nothing less than global domination
The Washington Times: More broadly, with the help of the U.N., Germany and a growing list of nations that Beijing has on a short leash, Mr. Xi is pursuing not global leadership but global domination. His intention is to build a new illiberal international order, one with rules made in China, for China and enforced by China. America, Germany and other free nations can take steps to frustrate his ambitions. Or they can fail to rise to the challenge. I’m making no predictions.
H. R. McMaster: Whether Trump or Biden wins, China still offers biggest challenge to our security, prosperity
Fox News: Whether President Donald Trump or Vice President Joe Biden is elected as the next president, the fact remains that the China Communist Party’s (CCP) strategy of co-option, coercion, and concealment will remain the most crucial challenge to our security, prosperity, and influence in the world.
The persecution of the Uyghurs is a crime against humanity
The Economist: The first stories from Xinjiang were hard to believe. Surely the Chinese government was not running a gulag for Muslims? Surely Uyghurs were not being branded “extremists” and locked up simply for praying in public or growing long beards? Yet, as we report in this week’s China section, the evidence of a campaign against the Uyghurs at home and abroad becomes more shocking with each scouring of the satellite evidence, each leak of official documents and each survivor’s pitiful account.
US tells Taiwan ‘to fortify itself’ to repel invasion from China
Washington Examiner: Taiwanese military strategists need to improve their ability to resist “any sort of amphibious invasion” from mainland China, according to President Trump’s national security adviser.
Chinese President Xi Jinping tells troops to focus on ‘preparing for war’
CNN: Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on troops to "put all (their) minds and energy on preparing for war" in a visit to a military base in the southern province of Guangdong on Tuesday, according to state news agency Xinhua.
How does China “interfere” in the U.S. Presidential election?
Fox News: U.S. officials are cautioning that China has stepped up election meddling activities to alter the policy climate and counter condemnation of the Communist Party leadership still grappling with the fallout of the coronavirus, which spawned from the country late last year to cripple almost every pocket of the planet.
U.S. should try to delay IPO of China’s Ant Group, Senator Rubio says
Reuters: Senator Marco Rubio, who has successfully urged the Trump administration to pursue investigations of Chinese companies, called on Friday for the U.S. government to consider options to delay an initial public offering of China’s Ant Group, the fintech arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.
China threatens invasion of Taiwan in new video showing military might
The Washington Post: With tensions soaring in the Taiwan Strait, China responded to Taiwanese overtures for dialogue by releasing new footage showing a large-scale military exercise simulating an invasion, and a purported confession from a Taiwanese businessman held captive in China on spying charges.
Hong Kong government accused of colluding with China to surveil and catch fugitives fleeing for Taiwan
CNN: "I'm shocked and appalled as the Hong Kong Government evidently colluded with Chinese authorities to put activists in greater danger, on matters clearly within its jurisdiction," Wong said in a statement.
China censors Mike Pence during VP debate broadcast as he criticizes Beijing
New York Post: China’s censors cut off Vice President Mike Pence mid-sentence during the debate with Sen. Kamala Harris when he called out the Chinese Communist Party for its mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.
Nearly 40 nations criticize China’s human rights policies
Los Angeles Times: Nearly 40 mainly Western countries criticized China’s treatment of minority groups, especially in Xinjiang and Tibet, on Tuesday and expressed grave concern at the impact of its new national security law on human rights in Hong Kong.
The New York Times groveled over Tom Cotton’s op-ed but happily publishes Chinese Communist propaganda
Washington Examiner: On Wednesday, as pro-freedom protesters in Hong Kong continue to fight for their lives and their liberty, the New York Times published an op-ed titled “Hong Kong is China, Like it or Not.” Its subhead reads, “After months of chaos in the city, something had to be done, and the Chinese government did it.”
Unfavorable Views of China Reach Historic Highs in Many Countries
Pew Research Center: Views of China have grown more negative in recent years across many advanced economies, and unfavorable opinion has soared over the past year, a new 14-country Pew Research Center survey shows. Today, a majority in each of the surveyed countries has an unfavorable opinion of China.
Hong Kongers stand up for freedom on Chinese Communists’ ‘National Day’
New York Post: Every year, the Chinese Communist Party celebrates National Day, the anniversary of its takeover of China. It’s become an occasion for protest in Hong Kong — and freedom-lovers didn’t let 2020 stop them Thursday.
China Task Force report highlights ‘major items’ needed to combat Chinese Communist Party: Rep. McCarthy
Fox Business: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Michael McCaul, the chairman of the China Task Force, discussed on Wednesday the findings of a new report, which outlines a “blueprint” for bipartisan actions Congress and the Trump administration can take to address the threat of China.
It’s Time to Get Serious about the People’s Republic of China
National Review: Despite promising reforms for decades, the CCP is no closer to allowing political freedom than it was at Tiananmen Square in 1989. The brutal crackdowns in Hong Kong, the systematic attempt to destroy the Uyghur culture in Xinjiang, and the relentless assault on the sovereignty of neighboring nations all testify to a stubborn truth: The People’s Republic of China remains a ruthless, one-party dictatorship.
New DOJ Filing: TikTok’s Owner Is ‘A Mouthpiece’ Of Chinese Communist Party
NPR: The Trump administration is accusing the chief executive of ByteDance, the owner of video-sharing app TikTok, of being "a mouthpiece" for the Chinese Communist Party and alleging that the tech company has a close relationship with Beijing authorities that endangers the security of Americans.
FBI director warns that Chinese hackers are still targeting US COVID-19 research
The Hill: “We are seeing very aggressive activity by the Chinese, and in some cases by others, to target our COVID-related research, whether it’s vaccines, treatments, testing technology, etc.,” Wray testified to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee during a hearing on threats to the U.S.
China has built 380 internment camps in Xinjiang, study finds
The Guardian: China has built nearly 400 internment camps in Xinjiang region, with construction on dozens continuing over the last two years, even as Chinese authorities said their “re-education” system was winding down, an Australian thinktank has found.
Coronavirus pandemic likely ‘could have been prevented’ if China, WHO acted differently, report says
Fox News: “It is beyond doubt that the Chinese Communist Party actively engaged in a cover-up designed to obfuscate data, hide relevant public health information, and suppress doctors and journalists who attempted to warn the world,” it said, according to the New York Post.
China Flies Warplanes Near Taiwan as Senior U.S. Diplomat Visits
The Wall Street Journal: Beijing flew military aircraft close to Taiwan on a day that a senior American diplomat met with Taiwan’s president as part of a series of recent U.S. moves to improve ties with the self-ruled island.
China’s Communists to Private Business: You Heed Us, We’ll Help You
The New York Times: Businesses must build up party organizations, the guidelines said, implying that internal Communist Party committees will be more active in companies. Entrepreneurs should receive instruction to ensure they “identify politically, intellectually and emotionally” with the party, the guidelines said.
DOJ says five Chinese nationals hacked into 100 U.S. companies
NBC News: The FBI says that the hackers, part of a group known as “APT41,” were allowed to operate by the Chinese government, who the U.S. says has made no effort to curb the hacking activities of their own citizens.
Chinese virologist posts report claiming COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab
New York Post: A Chinese virologist who has alleged that COVID-19 was human-made in a lab in China released a report on Monday that she says backs up her explosive claim.
Trump administration blocks some Xinjiang goods from China suspected of being made with slave labor
CNN: The Trump administration issued new import restrictions on Monday against Chinese companies it accuses of using slave labor, including products from suspected mass prison camps in China's western Xinjiang region.
Mike Pompeo urges Southeast Asian nations to stand up to China
New York Post: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday urged Southeast Asian countries to review their ties to Chinese state-owned companies and stand up to Beijing’s bullying in the South China Sea.
Uighurs accuse China of mass detention, torture in landmark complaint
NBC News: It is the first time members of the minority group have sought to use international law to hold Beijing accountable for their alleged mistreatment.
Pompeo announces fresh restrictions on Chinese diplomats in U.S.
CNBC: The United States said on Wednesday it would require senior Chinese diplomats to get State Department approval before visiting U.S. university campuses or holding cultural events with more than 50 people outside mission grounds.
What Would President Reagan Do About China Today?
Newsmax: Long before the COVID-19 crisis, the Chinese have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted to safely produce drugs. From January 2007 to March 2008, at least 81 Americans died from a contaminated heparin, which is a blood thinner. This drug was contaminated because the Chinese manufacturer was not subjected to the standards of an American company.
China cashes in on America’s coronavirus lockdown
FOX Business: China’s economy is getting a boost from soaring demand for tech products that make it easier and more efficient for Americans to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to economists at one Wall Street bank.
U.S. blacklists 24 Chinese firms, escalating military and trade tensions
Politico: The Commerce Department on Wednesday blacklisted 24 Chinese companies, saying that they are helping the ruling Chinese Communist Party construct artificial islands in the South China Sea, which the U.S. sees as a military provocation.
China Secretly Built A Vast New Infrastructure To Imprison Muslims
BuzzFeed: People detained in the camps told BuzzFeed News they were subjected to torture, hunger, overcrowding, solitary confinement, forced birth control, and a range of other abuses. They said they were put through brainwashing programs focusing on Communist Party propaganda and made to speak only in the Chinese language. Some former detainees said they were forced to labor without pay in factories.
Russell Moore: American Christians must know about China’s Uighurs
AXIOS: Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, is trying to educate Christians about the cultural and demographic genocide that China is perpetrating against its Muslim population.
China holds another round of naval drills in South China Sea
Associated Press: A look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple territorial disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons. The waters are a major shipping route for global commerce and are rich in fish and possible oil and gas reserves.
China’s war on religion
The Week: Religious repression has intensified across China since President Xi Jinping took office in 2013. The brutal crackdown on minority Muslims in the northwestern region of Xinjiang — where mosques and madrasas are being demolished and more than 1 million Uighurs have been detained in re-education camps — has sparked international outrage.
Satellite photos appear to show Chinese submarine using underground base
CNN: The satellite image from American imaging company Planet Labs, first posted on the social media accounts of Radio Free Asia, shows what appears to be a Type 093 nuclear-powered attack submarine entering a tunnel to an underground berth on Yulin Naval Base.
Communist Party dissenter says Xi Jinping ‘killing China,’ country ‘sliding towards disaster’
National Post: A dissenter within China’s Communist Party has said that leader Xi Jinping is "killing" China with his one-man rule, and added that many in the party want him removed as boss, with China "sliding towards disaster."
Pompeo: Chinese threat may be worse than a ‘Cold War 2.0’
POLITICO: China poses a threat to the West that is in some ways “worse” than that posed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a speech to the Czech senate Wednesday.
A top Hong Kong pro-democracy figure was arrested. Beijing isn’t playing around.
VOX: Hong Kong authorities arrested a prominent pro-democracy media mogul on Monday, another sign that the sweeping national security law imposed by China last month is stifling the territory’s freedoms.
China Hits U.S. Officials With Sanctions
Bloomberg: Those sanctioned include Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Pat Toomey; Congressman Chris Smith; Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth; National Endowment for Democracy President Carl Gershman; and Michael Abramowitz, the president of Freedom House
Americans Fault China for Its Role in the Spread of COVID-19
Pew Research: Americans’ views of China have continued to sour, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Today, 73% of U.S. adults say they have an unfavorable view of the country, up 26 percentage points since 2018. Since March alone, negative views of China have increased 7 points, and there is a widespread sense that China mishandled the initial outbreak and subsequent spread of COVID-19.
U.S. sanctions China’s paramilitary in Xinjiang
Axios: This is a huge move by the Trump administration, and a major win for human rights advocates who have raised the alarm about the XPCC's role in running the mass internment camps.
China is rewriting the facts about Covid-19 to suit its own narrative
Guardian: The Chinese government says it has been “open, transparent and responsible” throughout; its critics say not open, transparent or responsible enough to avert disaster.
China harboring military-linked fugitive scientist at San Francisco consulate, FBI says
CNN: Prosecutors allege Tang Juan, a researcher focusing on biology, lied about her connection to the Chinese military in order to obtain entry into the US and has since avoided arrest by taking refuge in the West Coast diplomatic mission.
Pompeo Praises Britain for Getting Tough on China
New York Times: The secretary of state praised the British government for recent actions on China as the Trump administration tries to build a global coalition against Beijing.
U.S. accuses China of sponsoring criminal hackers targeting coronavirus vaccine research
Washington Post: U.S. officials accused China on Tuesday of sponsoring criminal hackers who are targeting biotech firms around the world working on coronavirus vaccines and treatments, as the FBI said the Chinese government was acting like “an organized criminal syndicate.”
China Is Using Uighur Labor to Produce Face Masks
New York Times: A Times video investigation identified Chinese companies using a contentious labor program for Uighurs to satisfy demand for P.P.E., some of which ended up in the United States and other countries.
China And Iran Approach Massive $400 Billion Deal
Forbes: When it comes to geopolitical strategy there’s a saying among foreign policy experts: Russia play chess, China plays Go, and the United States plays football. Iran – with its strong anti-American sentiment, large military, and vast hydrocarbon reserves – is an important piece of China’s global Go board.
US declares ‘most’ of China’s maritime claims in South China Sea illegal
CNN: Describing the move as "strengthening U.S. policy," the top US diplomat asserted that "Beijing's claims to offshore resources across most of the South China Sea are completely unlawful, as is its campaign of bullying to control them."
Britain bars Huawei from its 5G wireless networks, part of a growing shift away from the Chinese tech giant
Washington Post: Britain will bar new deployments of Huawei equipment in its fledgling high-speed 5G network, the government said Tuesday, delivering a major blow to the Chinese technology giant and a significant win for the Trump administration, which has been pressing allies to shun the firm.
The U.S. warns citizens of ‘arbitrary detention’ in China
CNBC: “Exercise increased caution in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws for purposes other than maintaining law and order. This arbitrary enforcement may include detention and the use of exit bans,” read the advisory.
Xinjiang: Rubio and Cruz hit with tit-for-tat China sanctions
BBC: China has announced sanctions on top Republicans after the US imposed sanctions on Chinese officials for alleged human rights abuses against Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province.
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Officials Over Mass Detention of Muslims
New York Times: The Trump administration imposed sanctions on Thursday on multiple officials from China, including a senior member of the Communist Party, over human rights abuses against the largely Muslim Uighur minority, a move that is likely to inflame tensions between Washington and Beijing.
US sanctions Chinese Communist Party officials for Uighur human rights abuses
Washington Examiner: The Trump administration announced sanctions on Thursday aimed at Chinese Communist Party officials whom the United States believes have been involved in carrying out human rights abuses against Uighurs and other minorities in China.
FBI director: China is ‘greatest threat’ to US
BBC: In a nearly hour-long speech on Tuesday, the FBI director outlined a stark picture of Chinese interference, a far-reaching campaign of economic espionage, data and monetary theft and illegal political activities, using bribery and blackmail to influence US policy.
With Beijing’s Military Nearby, U.S. Sends 2 Aircraft Carriers to South China Sea
New York Times: The carriers — the Ronald Reagan and the Nimitz — deployed “in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific,” according to a statement by the Navy’s Seventh Fleet.
China Never Reported Existence of Coronavirus to World Health Organization
Washington Free Beacon: Contrary to claims from both Chinese officials and the World Health Organization, China did not report the existence of the coronavirus in late 2019, according to a WHO timeline tracking the spread of the virus. Rather, international health officials discovered the virus through information posted to a U.S. website.
Pompeo calls China Muslim sterilization reports ‘shocking’ and ‘disturbing’
Reuters: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday labeled as “shocking” and “disturbing” reports that China’s ruling Communist Party is using forced sterilization, forced abortion and coercive family planning against minority Muslims.
China forces birth control on Uighurs to suppress population
Associate Press: The Chinese government is taking draconian measures to slash birth rates among Uighurs and other minorities as part of a sweeping campaign to curb its Muslim population, even as it encourages some of the country’s Han majority to have more children.
FBI Director Wray says over 2,000 active investigations tied to China
Washington Examiner: “There’s no country that presents a broader, more comprehensive threat to America’s innovation, to our economic security, and to our democratic ideas than China does,” Wray said in an interview that aired Wednesday. "The FBI has over 2,000 active investigations that trace back to the government in China," Wray said, noting that they represent “about a 1300% increase in terms of economic espionage investigations with a Chinese nexus from about a decade ago.”
Chinese Communist Party’s use of force integral part of Beijing’s rise to power
Economic Times: The use of force is likely to be an integral part of the Chinese Communist Party’s approach pushing Beijing’s rise to power as displayed by the attack on Indian troops by PLA on June 15.
Defense Department produces list of Chinese military-linked companies
Axios: The Defense Department is making public for the first time a list of Chinese companies that are operating in the U.S. and are tied to the Chinese military. The list, obtained by Axios, includes Huawei, Hangzhou Hikvision, China Railway Construction Corporation, and China Telecommunications Corporation.
China revealed some details of Hong Kong’s national security law and it may be as bad as critics feared
CNN: On Saturday, China's National People's Congress (NPC), which is expected to pass the law in coming weeks, gave Hong Kong its first glimpse of what it contains. The critics may have been right to be worried: as drafted, the law appears to upend the city's prized independent legal system, allowing Beijing to override local laws while enhancing its ability to suppress political opposition.
FBI: China’s Top Diplomat in America Covertly Recruits Scientists
Daily Beast: The document, which was unsealed by a judge in April, provides an extraordinary window into China’s pursuit of U.S. trade secrets, shedding new light on its government-directed efforts to obtain “the fruits of cutting-edge American scientific research...which efforts involve intellectual property thefts on a massive scale.”
China needs to be held accountable for Covid-19’s destruction
CNN: That the Chinese government has significant culpability for the global spread of Covid-19 and needs to be held accountable for its misconduct should not be a partisan issue. We already know that the Associated Press has reported the Chinese government concealed critical facts about the emergence of the virus; that local officials silenced voices of warning; and that as a result, actions of Chinese officials most likely deprived the world early on of critical information about the virus' transmissibility and lethality.
A United Front on China Starts to Take Shape
WSJ: This is welcome news for the Trump Administration, which has long sought to rally its allies to help contain China’s technological and military ambitions. In a recent overview of its China strategy, the National Security Council declared: “The United States will work with our robust network of allies and like-minded partners to resist attacks on our shared norms and values, within our own governance institutions, around the world, and in international organizations.”
China spreads its pro-Communist message through Confucius Institutes on American campuses: report
Fox News: Higher education watchdogs have long complained that Confucius Institutes could be an unchecked pipeline for China to push its Communist propaganda and spread a heavily edited version of Chinese history that favors the government.
Senate panel OKs $6 billion military fund to confront China
Defense News: “The best way to protect U.S. security and prosperity in Asia is to maintain a credible balance of military power, but, after years of underfunding, America’s ability to do so is at risk,” the committee’s summary stated. “The FY21 [National Defense Authorization Act] establishes the Pacific Deterrence Initiative (PDI) to send a strong signal to the Chinese Communist Party that America is deeply committed to defending our interests in the Indo-Pacific."
State Department rebukes China as one of the worst abusers of religious freedom
Washington Post: “State-sponsored repression against all religions continues to intensify,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a news conference to mark the annual report’s release. “The Chinese Communist Party is now ordering religious organizations to obey CCP leadership and infused communist doctrine into the teachings and practice of their faith,” he said. “The mass detentions of Uighurs in Xinjiang continues. So does the repression of Tibetans and Buddhists and Falun Gong and Christians.”
Behind China’s Twitter Campaign, a Murky Supporting Chorus
New York Times: Behind China’s combative new messengers, a murky hallelujah chorus of sympathetic accounts has emerged to repost them and cheer them on. Many are new to the platform. Some do little else but amplify the Beijing line.
US rejects China maritime claims in South China Sea
Military Times: The U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations has fired back at Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea.
8 countries form alliance to counter China
Economic Times: The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, which launched Friday, comes as the U.S. struggles to muster a cohesive alliance to take on China’s growing economic and diplomatic clout and as it leads foreign governments in condemning Beijing’s move to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong that threatens the city’s autonomy.
College Republicans, Democrats groups both call for closures of Beijing-funded Confucius Institutes
Fox News: The letter claimed Confucius Institutes are outlets designed to exert political power and influence on U.S. soil while remaining disguised as educational hubs. It also levied accusations of censorship and intimidation. In addition to pressuring Chinese students to do the bidding of state, it said the institutes embrace self-censorship on topics "sensitive" to the Chinese Communist Party.
Defying Beijing, Thousands in Hong Kong Hold Tiananmen Vigil
New York Times: Chanting slogans like “Liberate Hong Kong,” thousands of people in Hong Kong flouted a police ban on Thursday as they gathered to memorialize the Tiananmen Square massacre, a striking display of defiance against Beijing’s tightening grip on the territory.
Trump administration bans flights by Chinese airlines
Washington Post: “Our overriding goal is not the perpetuation of this situation, but rather an improved environment wherein the carriers of both parties will be able to exercise fully their bilateral rights," the rule says. "Should the CAAC adjust its policies to bring about the necessary improved situation for U.S. carriers, the Department is fully prepared to revisit the action it has announced in this order.”
Pompeo says China poses an ongoing threat to the West
Politico: “It’s a different Chinese Communist Party today than it was 10 years ago," Pompeo told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures." "This is a Chinese Communist Party that has come to view itself as intent upon the destruction of Western ideas, Western democracies, Western values. It puts Americans at risk."
US Congress approves China sanctions over Uighur crackdown
New York Times: The bill’s passage reflected broad congressional support to punish Beijing for its ruthless campaign against Uighurs, Muslim ethnic minorities, and to press the administration into action to condemn China’s mass detentions. The Senate passed the legislation, which was sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, earlier this month.
Trump announces unprecedented action against China
CNN: President Donald Trump launched a blistering attack on Beijing Friday, naming misdeeds that range from espionage to the violation of Hong Kong's freedoms, and announced a slew of retaliatory measures that will plunge US-China relations deeper into crisis.
Hong Kong Has Lost Autonomy, Pompeo Says, Opening Door to U.S. Action
New York Times: President Trump’s foreign policy aides are discussing actions that would be among the harshest punishments taken against China over the past three years. The actions could have far-reaching consequences for global commerce and transform how Chinese and foreign companies operate, as well as upend the lives of many of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million residents, who have been under enormous pressure from years of political crackdowns.
Pompeo officially declares Hong Kong ‘no longer autonomous,’ slams China intervention
Fox News: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday officially declared that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, days after Beijing moved to impose new national security legislation on the territory. “Beijing’s disastrous decision is only the latest in a series of actions that fundamentally undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms and China’s own promises to the Hong Kong people under the Sino-British Joint Declaration, a U.N.-filed international treaty,” Pompeo said in a statement.
China Doesn’t Just Want to Control Hong Kong
New York Times: Beijing says it wants to safeguard “one country, two systems,” the principle that supposedly guarantees Hong Kong’s semiautonomy from the mainland. In reality it is weaponizing the policy to crush the city’s freedoms.
U.S. Views of China Increasingly Negative Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Pew Research: Economic factors, such as job losses to China and the trade deficit, remain key concerns for the American public. But other issues – including Chinese human rights policies and environmental degradation – also worry Americans.
China is mobilizing its global media machine in the coronavirus war of words
CNN: Increasingly, experts and government officials in the United States and Europe are accusing China — the country first hit by the virus — of stoking that confusion and trying to shape the narrative through its state-run broadcasters and publications, and on social media.
White House directs federal pension fund to halt investments in Chinese stocks
CNBC: The directive from the West Wing comes three years after the board in charge of the federal savings decided to switch to the China-inclusive fund during the second half of 2020 in an effort to boost returns. But a bipartisan coalition, which first began among China hawks, has pushed back on the decision both as a matter of national security and as a means to protect American investors from underhanded disclosure practices in China.
Arkansas Professor Is Accused of Hiding Chinese Funding
New York Times: The Justice Department accused a professor in Arkansas on Monday of improperly accepting funds from the Chinese government and has accepted a guilty plea in a similar case, the latest examples of the department’s effort to combat China’s influence in American academia.
U.S. to Accuse China of Trying to Hack Vaccine Data, as Virus Redirects Cyberattacks
New York Times: The F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security are preparing to issue a warning that China’s most skilled hackers and spies are working to steal American research in the crash effort to develop vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus.
China silencing Wuhan coronavirus survivors, bereaved families through hush money, police interrogation
FOX News: "The crackdown on coronavirus survivors and bereaved families is especially severe inside Wuhan, where government officials have used online censorship, police interrogations, shuttered support groups, and have even threatened lawyers representing coronavirus victims."
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on ABC News to give an update on China's disinformation efforts.
China lied about origin of coronavirus, leaked intelligence report says
New York Post: Beijing started censoring search engines as early as December to stop Internet surfing related to the virus, according to the report. The World Health Organization went along with China’s claims and also denied human-to-human transmission of the virus despite concern from neighboring countries.
Pressured by China, E.U. Softens Report on Covid-19 Disinformation
New York Times: Bowing to heavy pressure from Beijing, European Union officials softened their criticism of China this week in a report documenting how governments push disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, according to documents, emails and interviews.
FOX News: White House Adviser warns that Americans no longer trust China.
Canada: 1 million respirators acquired from China unfit for coronavirus fight
POLITICO: Canada's public health authority says around one million KN95 respirators acquired from China have failed to meet federal Covid-19 standards for use by frontline health professionals.
China ‘owes us’: Growing outrage over Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic
CNBC: A growing chorus of voices around the world is calling for China to compensate for the damages incurred due to the global coronavirus pandemic.
China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says
Bloomberg News: China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials.
Chinese Agents Helped Spread Messages That Sowed Virus Panic in U.S., Officials Say
New York Times: American officials were alarmed by fake text messages and social media posts that said President Trump was locking down the country. Experts see a convergence with Russian tactics.
China’s Funding of U.S. Researchers Raises Red Flags
The Wall Street Journal When officials at the Texas A&M University System sought to determine how much Chinese government funding its faculty members were receiving, they were astounded at the results—more than 100 were involved with a Chinese talent-recruitment program, even though only five had disclosed their participation. A plant pathologist at the Texas system, […]
I. Behind Zulhumar Isaac’s grandmother’s house, there was a large mulberry tree, so vast the branches covered the roof of the garage like a second ceiling. For a week each spring, the tree burst with dark, sweet mulberries, and Humar and her whole family gathered to pick them, the purple juices staining everyone’s fingers for […]
The Mercury Americans have become increasingly familiar with China’s aggressive theft of U.S. intellectual property. And whether it’s Huawei stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile, or a Chinese aviation company stealing the designs of 13 different aerospace companies, a clear pattern has emerged. Beijing is engaged in a massive, persistent attempt to obtain hard-won American technologies […]
Boston Herald Feds’ suspicions that China has targeted Boston’s medical mecca with biological espionage underscores a new development in a longstanding Chinese campaign to plunder American technological secrets and intellectual property, foreign policy experts say. “China has moved up the tech ladder,” said American Enterprise Institute’s Derek Scissors, adding that Beijing is more focused today […]
Tampa Bay Times A sudden change in leadership at Moffitt Cancer Center shook the Tampa Bay medical community last week and quickly prompted the Legislature to take the unusual step of launching an investigation. But while the news turned heads in Florida, the turnover at Moffitt is part of a national story line that reaches […]
The New York Times ZHENGZHOU, China — China is ramping up its ability to spy on its nearly 1.4 billion people to new and disturbing levels, giving the world a blueprint for how to build a digital totalitarian state. Chinese authorities are knitting together old and state-of-the-art technologies — phone scanners, facial-recognition cameras, face and fingerprint […]
BBC The Chinese government has consistently claimed the camps in the far western Xinjiang region offer voluntary education and training. But official documents, seen by BBC Panorama, show how inmates are locked up, indoctrinated and punished. China’s UK ambassador dismissed the documents as fake news. The leak was made to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), […]
Foreign Policy Ahead of the revival of U.S. trade talks with China next week in Shanghai, lawmakers in both houses of Congress are pushing legislation aimed at tackling a key topic of the negotiations: Beijing’s theft of U.S. technology. A CNBC poll released in March found that 1 in 5 North America-based corporations said China had stolen […]
CNBC China has acknowledged for the first time that the United States has legitimate gripes about IP theft, forced technology transfer and cyber hacking, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow told reporters Wednesday. “They have for the first time acknowledged that we have a point. Several points,” Kudlow told reporters at an event hosted by […]
Bloomberg It bore hallmarks of a normal incentive program: Employees nominated outstanding work and managers doled out bonuses. But this bounty program at Huawei Technologies Co. used encrypted email and it paid workers for secrets stolen from other companies, U.S. prosecutors alleged last month. Their indictment accuses the company of stealing technology from T-Mobile US Inc., a case […]
Chicago Tribune To hear the Americans tell it, the Chinese have gone on a commercial crime spree, pilfering trade secrets from seed corn to electronic brains behind wind turbines. China has stripped the arm off a T-Mobile robot, the U.S. says, and looted trade secrets about robotic cars from Apple. The seven-month standoff has upset […]
Reuters BEIJING (Reuters) – China has installed a new platform on a remote part of the Paracel Islands in the disputed South China Sea which could be used for military purposes, according to recent satellite images reviewed by a U.S. think tank.Warships and fighter jets of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy take part in […]