Cotton warns of China collecting athletes’ DNA at 2022 Olympics

The Hill: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) on Tuesday urged the Biden administration to ensure protections for U.S. athletes competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics, warning about China potentially trying to collect athletes' DNA, among other concerns.
Analysis: Biden and G7 Leaders Unserious About COVID Origins, Accountability for China
Townhall: As Katie wrote yesterday, the leaders of the G7 announced their joint endorsement of a follow-up investigation into the origins of the deadly COVID-19 virus, which has killed millions worldwide.
‘Toothless, All Of Them’: Dagen McDowell Mocks G-7 Members Posing For Photos Instead Of Demanding Answers From China
The Daily Caller: Fox Business host Dagen McDowell mocked the members of the G-7 Summit, saying that they posed for photos when they should have been holding China accountable.
Back-to-Back Rebukes of China Mark a Turning Point
The Wall Street Journal: Major democracies rallied together this week to issue extraordinary back-to-back rebukes of Beijing, marking a shift toward collective action and pushing back against President Xi Jinping’s strategies to position China as a global leader.
Chinese Defector Provides More Evidence Chinese Military is Behind COVID-19, Lab Leak
Townhall: Last week, Matt reported on intel that our friends at RedState had, which pointed to information from a Chinese defector who claimed that the Chinese military was working on a series of bioweapons, including COVID-19.
Nato summit: Nato must face up to China’s rise, alliance chief says
BBC: The head of Nato has urged members to respond to China's rise at a summit designed to shore up US support for the Western alliance.
China nuclear plant ‘leak’: US says it is investigating reports of an incident at Guangdong facility
The Independent: The US says it is assessing reports of a leak at China’s Taishan nuclear power plant, after a French company requested support in tackling an “imminent radiological threat”.
Roy introduces bill blocking Chinese Communist Party members from buying US land
The Hill: Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) is introducing a bill on Friday aimed at blocking members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from buying land in the United States.
Hong Kong to censor films ‘endangering national security’
ABC News: Hong Kong censors now have the power to ban films that endanger national security, prompting concerns that freedom of expression is being further curtailed in a city once known for its vibrant arts and film scene.
New details of torture, cover-ups in China’s internment camps revealed in Amnesty International report
NBC News: The prevalence of torture and the lengths to which the Chinese government has gone to cover up its treatment of Muslim minorities are described in comprehensive detail in an Amnesty International report on detention camps in Western China.