When it comes to China, sports and entertainment often tread lightly

The Washington Post: "Following her Nov. 2 allegations of sexual assault by a former senior Chinese official, references to Peng; the accused official, Zhang Gaoli; and even the word “tennis” were scrubbed from the Chinese Internet, and Peng was not seen in public for more than two weeks. Her disappearance led to an international outcry, and her carefully curated reemergence in Chinese media raised further questions about her safety."
The Simpsons: Tiananmen episode not found in Hong Kong
BBC News: "Disney has not commented on the missing episode."
Opinion: A shadow war in space is heating up fast
The Washington Post: "While Washington officials and experts warn of the risks of an arms race in space, the United States’ adversaries are constantly conducting operations against U.S. satellites that skirt the line between intelligence operations and acts of war. The pace of conflict is intensifying, according to a top Space Force general, who told me that China could overtake the United States to become the number one power in space by the end of the decade."
China’s use of refueling aircraft during recent Taiwan sortie raises concern
Fox News: "On Sunday, Beijing deployed 18 fighter jets and five H-6 bombers, that have nuclear capabilities, Reuters reported. The report said that the Y-20 was likely used to refuel the fighters during the mission, which could help the country extend its military reach in any possible future confrontations."
America must prepare for war with China over Taiwan
The Hill" “Time is not on our side. Taiwan Minister of Defense Chiu Kuo-Cheng testified before his Congress on Oct. 6 that, "By 2025, China will bring the cost attrition to its lowest. It has the capacity now, but it will not start a war easily, having to take many other things into consideration." As Chiu states, China probably already considers it has the capability to seize Taiwan. “
What are the Chinese after? Everything.
The Dispatch: "The same thing the Chinese government wants all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and, most importantly perhaps, the United States: artificial intelligence technology, military technology and advanced avionics, surveillance equipment, energy supplies, and more. You name it, Beijing wants it, wants to own it, and much of the time, doesn’t want you to be sure exactly who is using it and what for."
China Is Expanding Its Effort to Launch Weapons From Hypersonic Missiles
The Wall Street Journal: “The state-controlled AVIC Aerodynamics Research Institute said it is set to open a new wind tunnel capable of replicating the speeds and high temperatures faced by hypersonic missiles. The new wind tunnel’s roles include testing the “separation and release”’
Exclusive: Marriott refused to host Uyghur conference, citing “political neutrality”
Axios: "The Marriott hotel in Prague declined to host a conference of activists and leaders from China's Uyghur diaspora this month, citing "political neutrality," an email shared with Axios shows."
China Bought Italian Military-Drone Maker Without Authorities’ Knowledge
The Wall Street Journal: "Italian authorities are investigating the 2018 takeover of Alpi Aviation Srl by a Hong Kong-registered company that they say is a front for the Chinese state and was in the process of transferring the company’s technical and intellectual property to a new production site in China."
China Can’t Censor Away Growing Anger Over Athlete’s #MeToo Accusation
The New York Times: “The latest pushback on China’s effort to squelch the accusation came early on Thursday after Chinese state media tried to refute it, while saying Ms. Peng was safe and sound. It published an email purportedly written by Ms. Peng herself, saying the sexual assault accusations were no: true and asking for officials who run women’s tennis to stop meddling.”