Rare Ship-to-Ship Transfers Keep Oil Moving From Russia to China

Bloomberg: “Buyers are using creative ways to maintain flows as more shipowners shun Russian oil due to the potential fallout from financial sanctions, according to shipbrokers. Small vessels are being used to shuttle between Russia’s Kozmino port and the waters off Yeosu in South Korea, where cargoes undergo ship-to-ship transfer to supertankers for the next leg of the journey to China."
U.S. Speeds Up Reshaping of Taiwan’s Defenses to Deter China
The New York Times: "Russia’s war in Ukraine has made American and Taiwanese officials acutely aware that an autocrat can order an invasion of a neighboring territory at any moment. But it has also shown how a small military can hold out against a seemingly powerful foe."
Alleged Chinese abuse of Uyghurs revealed in massive leak – study
The Jerusalem Post: "Coined the "Xinjiang Police Files," the cache was obtained by a third party from internal Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) networks and includes a staggering amount of information: over 2,800 images of detainees, over 300,000 personal records, over 23,000 detainee records and over 10 camp police instructions."
Biden says US would respond ‘militarily’ if China attacked Taiwan, but White House insists there’s no policy change
CNN: "Under the "One China" policy, the US acknowledges China's position that Taiwan is part of China, but has never officially recognized Beijing's claim to the self-governing island of 23 million. The US provides Taiwan defensive weapons, but has remained intentionally ambiguous on whether it would intervene militarily in the event of a Chinese attack."
As China Doubles Down on Lockdowns, Some Chinese Seek an Exit
The New York Times: “Ms. Xie is among a small but growing group of Chinese who are looking to the exits as China’s pandemic controls drag into their third year. Many are middle-class or wealthy Shanghai residents who have been trapped for nearly two months by a citywide lockdown that has battered the economy and limited access to food and medicine.”
North Korea sends cargo planes to China as country fights pandemic
CNN: "Three North Korean cargo planes flew to China and back on Monday, as the country battles an fast-spreading outbreak of Covid-19, according to a South Korean government official with knowledge of the matter."
US Military Chief Says Taiwan Must Strengthen Its Defenses
Bloomberg: ‘“That is a big lesson learned and a wakeup call, particularly with respect to not only having the right kit but are people trained to use it the right way,” Admiral Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, said at an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations that focused on knowledge gleaned from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “That shouldn’t be lost on us with respect to Taiwan.”’
Uyghur county in China has highest prison rate in the world
"A list obtained and partially verified by the AP cites the names of more than 10,000 Uyghurs sent to prison in just Konasheher county alone, one of dozens in southern Xinjiang. In recent years, China has waged a brutal crackdown on the Uyghurs, a largely Muslim minority, which it has described as a war on terror."
Major US defense contractors maintain China ties despite increasing tensions
'"Those risks are particularly critical for companies that safeguard U.S. national defense and security," he continued. "U.S. defense contractors need to better understand their risk exposure to China and the Chinese Communist Party, so they can reduce their China risks to better serve the needs of the U.S. military and national security."'
Federal operation nabs nearly 43,000 illegal gun silencers shipped from China 
NBC News: "The operation “is really a gateway into other illicit activity,” said Robert Hammer, the special agent in charge of the Seattle field office for Homeland Security Investigations, a division of ICE."