Taiwan says China military drills part of plan for impending invasion

FOX NEWS: Taiwan's foreign minister on Tuesday warned China is using its aggressive military drills around the island as part of a broader plan for what it fears is an impending invasion.
China Targeted Fed to Build Informant Network, Access Data, a Probe Says
WSJ: Fed employees were offered contracts with Chinese talent recruitment programs, which often include cash payments, and asked to provide information on the U.S. economy.
China launches new bid for internet dominance
Politico: "Xi wants an internet that aligns with the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s concept of “cyber sovereignty” that prioritizes absolute government control of online activity — complete with censorship and surveillance — at the expense of privacy and freedom of expression."
Space Command head addresses China, Russia threats; calls for international norms: ‘It’s the wild, Wild West’
Fox News: "Addressing the Aspen Security Forum on Tuesday, Raymond said China was growing its program at a fast pace, explaining "China has gone from zero to 60 very quickly, and they are clearly our pacing challenge because…they're moving at speed they have the economy to support the development."
Ukraine war forcing China to rethink ‘how and when’ it may invade Taiwan, CIA chief says
The Guardian: that become higher, it seems to us, the further into this decade that you get,” Burns said, adding: “I wouldn’t underestimate President Xi’s determination to assert China’s control” over self-ruling Taiwan."
Top US general orders comprehensive review of US-China military interactions
CNN: '"China has been on the rise, economically and militarily, for more than a decade. They've become more bold in the Pacific," Milley said in a written statement to CNN. "Maintaining open lines of communication and managing competition will reduce strategic risk. The US military's focus is on modernization and readiness. Our network of partners and allies is a source of strength."'
China says it will take ‘forceful measures’ if Pelosi visits Taiwan
The Washington Post: "A visit this summer would make Pelosi one of the most senior U.S. politicians to travel to Taiwan in recent years and the first House speaker to go there since Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) in 1997."
Defiant Taiwanese ready if China invades, say there’s only one possible response
Yahoo! News: '"Taiwan is now more recognized by the world. If China invaded Taiwan 20 or 30 years ago, other countries would not bother to get involved, but now the world sees how much Taiwan has grown over the past decade. So if China really wants to invade, Taiwan's weapons are also very advanced and our military will not be weak," a second man said."
China says it ‘drove’ away U.S. destroyer that sailed near disputed isles
Reuters: "The U.S. Navy said the destroyer USS Benfold "asserted navigational rights and freedoms in the South China Sea near the Paracel Islands, consistent with international law."'
Survivor of Mao’s China warns about Big Tech working with government: ‘Americans should take note’
Fox News: '"This large protest was only made possible when people could communicate and mobilize online, and they did not use WeChat, which is the Chinese Facebook, because every activity was under strict surveillance by the government," Xi told "Fox & Friends."'