Chinese Communist Party’s use of force integral part of Beijing’s rise to power

Chinese Communist Party’s use of force integral part of Beijing’s rise to power

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The use of force is likely to be an integral part of the Chinese Communist Party’s approach pushing Beijing’s rise to power as displayed by the attack on Indian troops by PLA on June 15.

In an article posted in IPAC (global organisation of parliamentarians from democracies, set up this month) website Jonathan D. T. Ward, an expert on Sino-Indian relations writes, “In the decades following the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, Communist Party leaders used the Chinese military not only against India, but also the United States, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Soviet Union, and the United Nations Command in Korea, an international force comprised of troops from nations including the United Kingdom, Thailand, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Colombia, and Ethiopia…”

This month’s violence with India comes as Chinese power presses against all fronts: waging cyber-intrusions against Australia, introducing a stringent national security law in Hong Kong despite international agreements and against the protests of the international community, and probing the region militarily from the Taiwan Straits to the South China Sea, all against the backdrop of a global pandemic which has now claimed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide, argues Dr Ward.

China’s military buildup has alarmed the region, and Xi Jinping has made regular statements that glorify the use of force, according to the author.